6 Tips to Help You Sell Dirty Knickers Online

All women have their signature scent, and it takes a person with a good sense of smell to notice it. Of course, some women may mask their natural odours using body creams, perfumes, or deodorants. But it takes a bold woman to embrace her natural scent and turn it into a money-making venture. So it's only logical that the used panty selling business should come into play. So if you've been thinking of starting your used panties business, the following tips will do the trick.

How to sell dirty knickers like a pro

While the used underwear business is a topic that most people would rather discuss on closed doors, the truth is it is a business like any other. Men are willing to pay a lot of money to get a feel of what a woman's scent is all about. So here are some selling tips to help you sell dirty knickers like a pro:

Be open-minded

In this type of business, open-mindedness plays a vital role in turning your passion into sales. The difference between selling dirty knickers and other businesses is the product. It starts with buying a set of underwear, wearing it, and trading without washing it. But, of course, this is something that most people wouldn't think of doing. So here is your chance to make a bit of extra money and a monthly income.

Be a go-getter

The art of marketing and selling dirty knickers relies on courage and dedication. Consistency is also essential. Even sellers who’ve been in this business can tell you that like everything, you need to put time into it. Some buyers may make tons of requests and end up not buying. Others might buy only once and turn to another seller the next time. Whatever the case, having a go-getter attitude will do you a lot of good. So even if you don’t make any sales in your first month, there is no need to worry. Your potential buyer could still be buying time to see if you’re serious about it.

Be respectful

The erotic business can be a thorn in the flesh, particularly if you have zero tolerance for snide remarks. A purchaser might rubbish your panties and damage your reputation by giving bad reviews. Some might give you a 5-star rating, yet they'll never repurchase your product. But, like any other business, the customer is always right. So if they give bad reviews or complain about your product, reach out to them and apologize. Your PR skills could be the only thing that sustains your business.

Be creative

The dirty knickers selling requires you to invest in a good camera, high-quality panties, and exceptional marketing captions. However, not all buyers are after your photos or sales pitch. Some of them only want the fantasy. They want to know how your dirty knickers will fulfill their sexual fetishes. So after posting your photos or videos, engage in a live chat with your buyer. For example, you can briefly explain how the panty selling business started and why it is the in-thing right now. Some of your curious buyers might not only marvel at your open-mindedness about the business, and they might also give referrals to some of their friends. And that is how word-of-mouth advertising works.

Be professional

When selling your worn underwear, the last thing you want is to get recognized as the lady who sells something she should be tossing in the laundry. So what most sellers do is take photos of their lower bodies instead of showing their faces. After that, you can create your shop on sniffr. 

Be consistent

The last thing a buyer wants is to see juicy photos of you in underwear, only to call and realize that you're unreachable. You can't be available this week and disappear a few weeks later. Buyers want someone consistent. They need someone who'll respond to their messages, deliver products on time and offer a bit of advice. So if you are the type of seller who bails out on a client at the last minute, then this business isn't for you.

Are you ready to sell dirty knickers with us?

Selling your used underwear online can be challenging and stressful if you don't have someone to hold your hands. While there is no manual for selling worn panties, these six tips can help you get started and hone your panty selling skills. Fortunately, at snifffr, we strive to provide you with the basics to help you land sales. Our community specializes in used panty selling and offers many tips for beginners, seasoned and veteran sellers. So if you have a question regarding payment methods, how to register at the website and other concerns, please check out our FAQ section. Alternatively, you can contact our customer support team.