A Beginner’s Guide to Selling Used Panties Online with snifffr

Imagine logging in a used panties selling website to sell or buy a product after reading interesting facts about the venture. Perhaps one of your college buddies confesses how much they earn from worn panties, and you can’t wait to give it a try. If you’re considering being part of the snifffr community or any other site linking used panties buyers and sellers, the following things can improve your understanding about the business.

What motive used panties buyers have?

Think of it in this manner; you’re a sexually active adult, and there’s just one thing that makes you tick. Perhaps the smell of sweat from your lover makes you go wild, and you’ve decided to keep one of their clothes as a souvenir. That’s exactly what used panties sniffing is all about. If you thought it’s only men who get aroused by used panties, then you thought wrong. Some women also don’t mind sniffing another woman’s vaginal juices.

Like any other entrepreneur, you want to know if you’ll get a buyer on a used panty-selling website. For starters, there are few websites for selling used panties. Some websites aren’t legit, so it would be best if you joined one that will help to keep you anonymous. So, here is what you should know about selling used panties on websites like snifffr.

Are used panties the only products sellers specialize in?

The first thing to do when joining a website like snifffr is to identify the most successful sellers. Next is finding out what types of products they sell. Are they only specializing in used panties or mixing their products with other items like bras and kinky lingerie? You see, used panties shouldn't be all about wearing your underwear and taking pictures in them. It also involves studying your potential buyers’ psychology.

From what we’ve gathered, every buyer has a unique taste. Some love their panties marinated with pee, sex, or natural vaginal fluids. Others prefer you to wear your used panties for days before selling to them. Either way, knowing what they want can help you maximize sales and win the hearts of loyal customers.

Is used panties vending machines a rumor or reality?

Nowadays, technology has made it easier for buyers to access products at the touch of a button. It is no surprise that used panties should also have their own vending machines. While legalizing used panties vending machines in Japan almost sounded like a rumor, in reality, the laws governing the venture have since become stricter.

How can you sell used panties online?

Selling used panties online can be daunting for a newbie. However, you can get started by creating a profile online. You have the option of disclosing or hiding your true identity as long as your content depicts that you exist and are legit.

After creating your profile, indulge both buyers and sellers in your life. Talk about why you decided to choose it as a side hustle. Once they know a thing or two about you, they’ll get comfortable reading your content and buying your product. Once you’ve attracted traffic to your profile, show a gallery of the undies you have for sale. Feel free to include a information of how long you intend to wear them. Finally, upload high-quality photos or videos of you in lingerie or panties alone.

If you prefer selling your used panties online through an affiliate website, avoid going to sites that only attract idlers than willing used panties buyers. It can get stressful replying to chats that will lead nowhere.

As is expected of all businesses, used panties selling also attracts repeat clients. While this can be a good thing, you also need to watch out for buyers who want an order without a payment upfront. If this happens, decline your client’s request respectfully. It’s far better to get payment upfront from buyers.

On the other hand, landing repeat clients is a good thing because it guarantees a steady income. A loyal client already knows that you deliver on your promises, which is why they keep coming back to add some coins to your pocket. When selling such a product online:

  • Avoid meeting your clients in person because some of them might be out to harm you physically or psychologically.
  • Use snifffr escrow to receive payment
  • Never include your personal return address on your used panties package