A Guide To Sell Used Knickers Online

If there is anything the Coronavirus pandemic has taught people it is to use creativity to earn money online. People are required to stay at home and use the internet to connect with buyers. With time, most online hustles have become flooded with sellers trying to outdo their competitors in a bid to put money in their pockets. Now more than ever, women are turning to hustles like selling used knickers online. However, most sellers can attest that it isn’t as easy as it looks. So whether you’re a newbie or a veteran seller, knowing how the used panty selling business works can be a good idea. Read on to get inspired by our successful underwear sellers from snifffr.

Learn the market environment first before tailoring your price

When you join our site, you’ll notice that people who sell used knickers set different prices depending on a product. As a result, you may be tempted to quote the same prices, only to notice that no one is paying attention to your products. The art of selling worn underwear relies on fantasy. If you’re going to take a photo of you donning your underwear and not writing a caption for it, your buyers might not understand your personality.

Part of the reason why we encourage new sellers to join our community is to gain an online presence. Once you sign up with us, we will share a few tips on how you should price your product and what type of buyers you can expect to get. And if you don't find a buyer right away, don't feel discouraged. Our sellers can attest that it took dedication and patience to get the attention they needed.

Know your audience

Some people love their panties filled with sweat and other discharges, while others don't mind anything as long as it is considered used. Knowing who your target buyers are can help you create a fantasy like no other. We recommend you join our platform to interact with other sellers. We consider our platform like one big family. When a fellow seller offers some expert opinion that can help you increase your sales, decide if you'll go along with it or look the other way. But in everything you do on our platform, make sure you do it respectfully.

Package your product in a way that sells the fantasy

We all know that a feminine sexual scent is a turn-on for most of our buyers. If you’ve been using vaginal cleansing douches to eliminate your natural aroma, now is the time to ditch them. To start selling your worn underwear, all you need is to wear nicely packaged underwear. Please don't wear something that looks old and torn. 

Next, you’ll need a good camera to take pictures or videos. Bottom line is to ensure your photos look professional and tempting.

Decide what resonates with your beliefs, and what doesn’t

How your buyer chooses to use the knickers you're selling isn't completely out of your control. However, you can decide what you can take and what doesn't resonate with your values. For example, if you're uncomfortable uploading pictures of yourself in knickers because you feel that your body isn't as perfect as Victoria's Secret models, don't do it. Our platform still allows you to put used panties up for sale without using photos or videos.

One of the most significant perks you can get when you sell used knickers through our portal is anonymity. We have a section on our website that allows buyers to contact you directly. Most probably, your buyer will ask you how long you've worn the panty and decide whether to buy or not. Still, we recommend you take pictures instead of words if you want to generate more sales.

Think of it as a business like any other

Think of it this way: you are an adult who is looking to earn money from selling a product that you wear every day. Remember, a woman’s pheromone is a gift from nature. So this type of business allows you to show the world what you are made of. Additionally, it makes other people appreciate the efforts you took to share what is happening in your body. That’s a win-win.

Are you ready to make your biggest sale?

At snifffr, our business is to make sellers and buyers feel sexually appreciated. Sex is a basic need, and people need reasons to masturbate or otherwise. If it takes dirty knickers to kickstart someone else’s sexual buttons, we will make it happen. Join our community and make your talent earn you money.