A Simple Guide to Buy Wet Panties Online

The internet will allow a person to get their used and wet panties fetish fulfilled. There are many fetishes out there including fetishes for women’s panties. Now a person can fulfill their need for this fetish. They can buy wet panties online. Many women are selling their wet panties on sites including snifffr which is a great place to shop for these wet panties.

Wet Panties Fetish

Everyone has their sexual interests. Some people like the scent of wet panties. This will allow them to experience a woman and her essence. Others may be nervous to ask their significant other for their panties. Snifffr has ladies that are selling their wet panties. They will send them right to the home of their customers. The ladies are making money and the clients are fulfilling a fetish.

Who Buys Wet Panties?

If a person is interested in wet panties they are not alone. There are a lot of people that buy wet panties and it is not only men. Women can purchase wet panties too. It is a fetish and there are no rules when it comes to what turns a person on.

Creating an Account

To shop for wet panties a person will need to create a user account. The buyer account is free to sign up for and will allow a user the chance to browse profiles of the women that are selling their panties. Since this site is for adults a person needs to verify that they are over the age of 18. That is the only restriction. A person can then go about shopping for these panties and connecting with the sellers.

Shopping for Panties

When looking to buy wet panties online the transaction process is easy. The panties will come in an unmarked package, should you request it from the seller. No one will know what is in the package which will allow for privacy. Purchasing the panties is also easy. A client will look at the profile pictures of the ladies that are selling these panties. Most customers like to message the sellers and get to know them. Each seller will have some of her basic information next to her pictures. A client can decide if they want to get to know her and if they like the panty pictures. The client can then message the seller. They can talk on private chat and the client may even get some private pictures. The clients can browse all of the panties that are for sale and pick the pair of panties they want.

Tips for Buying Wet Panties

There are some tips to purchase these wet panties. A person should only use a trusted site. This way they will know all the ladies they are connected with are real people and that they are of legal age.

Browse Profiles

Many women will sell their panties. In addition to looking at the pictures and finding an attractive woman, a user should read her bio. They should find out a little bit more about her and her interests. This will help make a connection and put a face behind the panties.


When a person sees a woman that gets their attention they should contact her. They will get to know more about her and her lifestyle. They can also get some private attention. This can be done in the form of private chats. It can also allow a person to get some private pictures so they can see more of the panties and whatever else that is agreed upon. This will turn up their desire once they get the panties in the mail.

The Price

Price is something important when it comes to any transaction. Wet panties may not always be cheap. This is another reason why it is important to get to know the seller. The woman is on the site to make money. If she gets to know the client she can be more willing to negotiate when it comes to pricing and selling of her panties. She may also take special requests such as the color of the panties.


Once a client has selected the wet panties that they want they can easily buy these wet panties. They will go to the checkout page and enter their account information and their address. It is easier than ever to purchase these panties. A person does not even need to enter their credit card or debit card information. They can check out with virtual payment methods including Venmo and Google Wallet. All of the information is safe and secure. 

Wet panties will allow a client to experience the scent of a woman. Now wet panties can be purchased online. It is easy to buy these panties and have them sent right to the home safely and discretely.

Written by: Laura Thorpe