Advantages of Selling Used Panties on snifffr

Are you thinking of throwing away your used panties? Worry not because you can sell them and make lots of money. You must be wondering how and where you can sell your used panties. You have several options on websites to sell your used panties but snifffr gives you a wholesome experience. You do not have to open a physical shop to sell your panties. snifffr allows you to sell online through their personal store. 

Pros of selling used panties on snifffr

Here are the pros of selling used panties with us:


We at snifffr allow you to sell your panties at any time. You can sell your used panties as a side hustle. You are allowed to work at your own pace and time. Like any business you operate, the more effort you put into it, the greater your chance of success. 

Privacy and security

We take your privacy seriously. Only you can view chats between you and the buyer if you use private messaging and live chat. Should you wish, you do not have to disclose your face on snifffr. 

New buyers 

We have many buyers joining snifffr daily. For that reason, you need to put in more effort to ensure that you make more sales. The more you sell good products the more you will get new buyers. There are many buyers on snifffr. 

Selling panties pays

It is possible to make a few dollars from selling used panties. The more work you put into, the more you get out. Also, for you to make more money, you will need to be online frequently. It is because our site allows you to make deals with buyer’s right on the spot. 

Video and photo posts

We allow you to post videos or photos of your used panties. This is more likely to draw more customers' attention. However, it is upon you to post good-quality photos and videos. This will make the item clear and convincing to your buyer. Look for suitable poses in your used panties to entice your buyer. That way, they will have an idea of what you are selling.

Live chats

snifffr allows you to chat with potential buyers. This helps you build a customer relationship with your buyers. Buyers can also bargain during a live chat.


We allow you to sell your panties for the price that you want. We do not decide on the prices of your panties. Pricing will depend on the quality of your panties. That way, you will easily decide on a price that does not push customers away. Also, ensure that you make profits from your sales. Our live chats allow your customers to bargain until they get to a price that you both agree.

Payment options

snifffr has favorable payment options for you. Buyers can pay for your items on Google wallet, Cash Apps Venmo or any platform you choose. Most sellers prefer selling their used panties through sniffr escrow. On the other hand, the seller only receives payment when the buyer receives and accepts the used panties. The main reason why buyers and sellers prefer escrow is that escrow holds their money. For that reason, their money is safe and secure in their hands until the products are accepted.

Anybody can sell

We allow anyone to sell their used panties. We don't discriminate against people. Every woman who feels selling their used panties can sell through snifffr. You do not have to worry about how you look when selling your panties. We can help you find potential buyers every time you post. For that reason, we encourage anyone to join snifffr and sell their used panties.


You will get more customer reviews when you sell more used panties. Good reviews will draw more customers to your shop and you will make more sales. For that reason, ensure that you sell genuine used panties to help you make more sales. Also, you need to make more deals with your buyers to help you get more reviews. We encourage you to be friendly and convincing to your customers. Also, ensure that you deliver the goods on time to help you get good reviews and ratings.