Advice on How to Sell Dirty Socks for Money

There are many different types of adult fetishes. Sexual pleasure is not something that will be the same for everyone. People are unique and they are turned on by different things. Some fetishes are more acceptable than others and some that people may not have heard of. There is a fetish for used socks. These worn socks will turn a person on and they are into dirty socks. The site snifffr allows a person to buy dirty socks from real women and they can get the socks sent right to their home.

Used Sock Fetish

People with a used sock fetish often have a foot fetish. There is something about the foot that they find sexy and turns them on. Feet can be soft and delicate and some people want to touch and hold a foot. They may get turned on by exposed feet and seeing the feet in sandals. To be around a used sock will allow them to get on with their fetish. They will have something that has been on a foot and something they can use when they are thinking sexual thoughts. There are many different types of socks that people like. They may get turned on by soft socks, socks of a certain color, or any sock that has been on the foot of a woman. The used sock can help them imagine the foot that it was on as part of their fantasy.

Buying Worn Socks Online

People may not want to talk about their foot fetish and their fetish for used socks. This is something that they may not want others to know about. While everyone has their turn ons people may not want to talk about why they like used socks. This is where the internet comes in. A person can purchase used socks while staying anonymous. No one has to know their real name. They will have to pay with a real credit card in their identity but this is only for store use and is kept confidential and encrypted.

Getting the Real Used Socks

When a person is ready to purchase used socks they can go to Here they will be able to browse the profiles of women that are selling their used socks. To have an account on this site a person will need to enter their real name and contact information. This will be used for administrative purposes and to verify that a person is an adult. When they talk with the ladies they can use a screen name of their choice. A person can search the profiles of the women that have used socks for sale. They will meet with the women online and can talk about what they like. Some of the ladies may even go out and get special socks based on what a person is looking for. They may wear the socks for a day or the amount of time they have talked about.

Talking About Dirty Socks

When a person sees someone with feet they like they can begin to develop a conversation. They can talk to the lady and find out more about her. They may even be able to get some pictures of her feet so they can see what the used socks were on. They will then talk about the price of the socks. All of this information will be done over the internet. A person can even pay using Venmo.

Mailing the Used Socks

When a person decides they want to purchase the used socks they will work with the owner of the feet to finalize the details. They will talk about the price of the dirty socks. This is something they will need to discuss and it will depend on how many days the socks were worn and the brand. They can have the dirty socks sent right to their home. Shipping will be discreet and no one will need to know what is in the package. The dirty socks will come to the house and a person can use them right away for their sexual pleasure or fantasy.

More than Dirty Socks

When a person is looking to purchase dirty socks they want more than just the socks. They want to have a relationship with the seller. They can do this online. They can talk in messenger and other secure sites to get to know the lady, her feet, and her socks.

It does not matter what a person wants dirty socks. Some people want to have fun smelling used socks while others may want to think of the feet that they came off. There are people with a sock fetish and there is someone out there willing to sell their used socks. They can go online and develop a relationship with the ladies on the site. They can then purchase these used socks and have them mailed right to their home. This will allow them to get pleasure from the used socks and no one will have to know.