Best Ways to Sell Used Panties

Are you thinking of venturing into the business of selling used panties? Well, this is the right article for you. Selling used panties is a good side business since there is a lot of demand for used panties fetish. Many people have developed the taste of used panties rather than buying new ones for various reasons. The main reason is that it’s a fetish, and many people find pleasure in it. Used panties attract both men and women. Venturing in this business is quite easy. All you need is to know the best ways and places you can sell your used panties. This article explains how you can sell used panties.


Selling used panties online through a website

Selling used panties online you allow many people to indulge in their fetishes. The first thing you need to do is open a personal website, which you use your products. Alternatively, you can sign up with a site that sells used panties. Among the most recognized sites is snifffr. When you sign up, you need to create an account. The essence of an account is that as a seller, you can view the profiles of prospective buyers. You then upload photos to the gallery. Through this account, you can market the different types of panties you sell. When you sell your used panties through snifffr, you will find it to be reliable. 


Sell used panties using an online chat

To succeed in this business, using an online system or private chats to reach your buyers is highly recommended. Being proactive in this business is something you will require to succeed. Sellers who always contact the buyers, upload the used panties for sale, upload videos and images to their gallery are in a better position to earn more money. Maintaining a good relationship with your buyer is highly advisable since they will come back to you regularly.


Selling used panties anonymously


When it comes to selling used panties, many sellers struggle with questions of how they can do it anonymously. If you want to remain unknown, then you should never give your name to the buyer. If after making the sale you will receive a cheque, you should consider having it sent to a post office box. This makes you stay an anonymous seller. When you make a sale, you should post the package directly to the buyer. On the package, you should not include your address on it. Instead, you should write the buyer’s address as the sender’s and delivery address. This will help you remain anonymous.


Selling used panties is a business like any other. Many people have ventured into this business, and it’s upon you to stand out. Before you start this business, you first need to decide the kind of used panties you want to sell. You can do this by checking out the profile of prospective buyers to learn what they want.


When making sales, you should have excellent negotiation skills and be able to use them well. This will assist you in getting a maximum price. Once a customer is ready to purchase, you arrange for a reliable method of payment. However, not all payment methods are recommendable; for example, PayPal doesn’t allow transactions associated with the adult industry. It is advisable for you as the seller not to send the package before the buyer pays. With snifffr, you can sell used panties across the world.