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About snifffr

At snifffr, we help you to buy or sell worn panties without revealing your identity. We thoroughly understand you may not want to expose your identity when transacting. That’s why we have made it possible for you to sell or buy worn panties anonymously. Through our online marketplace, you can meet potential buyers or sellers of worn panties.

It is a win-win situation. On one end, sellers make extra dollars from the collection of worn panties they might have thrown away. On the receiving end, buyers get to enjoy worn panties.

How to Sell Your Worn Panties

To sell your worn pants is easy at snifffr. First, you open an anonymous account with us. It is free to sign up. Once you have created your account, you can upload your sexy, worn panties for potential buyers to window-shop. You can promote your products by engaging in live chats with the potential buyers, using our online chat functionality. Alternatively, you can reach out to them via private message. All these you can choose to do anonymously.

Once you get a buyer who really likes your panties and is serious about buying, you strike the deal. Then you mutually agree on the method of payment. Once you receive the payment, you ship the purchased worn panties directly to the buyer. We advise you only ship out the panties after you have received the payment, not before. Furthermore, we are of the opinion that the return address on the parcel be the same to the delivery address. This further enhances anonymity.

How to Buy Worn Panties

To purchase worn pants, first you sign up for free at our sign up page. Provide details like your username and email address. Make sure you provide the correct email address. This way, you can always receive all the notifications in your inbox. Please take note that your details are kept anonymous to protect your identity. However, if you prefer to expose yourself by disclosing these details to the sellers, it is at your discretion.

You then set up your profile. Upload your profile picture and fill up the About You section. Also, upload a cover photo.

Once you are through with the setup, including optimizing your preferences, you can go straight to Shop to browse through a massive and diverse selection of worn panties. You can then select the worn panties you would like to buy. Take a look at the seller's profile. Start chatting with the seller through our online chat functionality or private message. Once the two of you have reached an understanding, it is time to strike a deal. Arrange the method of payment and wait to receive the shipment from the seller. That's how easy snifffr has made buying worn panties! You can sell or buy anywhere in the world without restriction. This is an open field. So, let the world have your worn panties now.

Kindly take note that snifffr never gets involved in the sending or receiving of funds. The transfer of money is solely between the buyer and the seller. Also, you must be 18 and above to be part of the Our site contains adult material that is not fit for minors. The site is not only for women; it is open for even men to sell or buy.