Buy Used Panties: Feed that fetish

Buying usedpanties like a few other fetishes are gaining popularity everyday. People buy it for the excitement or to feel closer to a lover, past or present. For some people, it makes them feel closer to a woman sexually. It stimulates their sexual fantasies. For others it can be used as prop or fetishes. Some people also keep it as momentos, it reminds them of a particular person. People have different preferences when it comes to buying used panties, for some people, cotton is preferable, some prefer thongs, some others prefer nylon g-string panties. Choosing panties of a previous lover can help elicit and remember the rush of sex. A lot of men when buying used panties ask for pictures of the seller to sometimes fantasize about being with the person

Where can I buy used panties

snifffr offers this service and the best part is signing up is free. Payments are only required for some specific transactions like using the private message and online chat.

How to sell your used panties

Pretty much anyone can log on to the website to sell their used panties. You can then engage with buyers you think might be interested in a purchase. Importantly, you need to be over 18 in order to use the marketplace. Using the private chat option, you can chat them up. When the terms of the transaction is completed, receive your money through a mode of payment agreed by the both of you. Arrange a delivery, since the website implements an anonymous platform, the location of the seller is up to the seller. You are encouraged to show your face to buyers as clients prefer to buy from people who their faces are displayed. However, it is not mandatory to show your face. The best thing about snifffr is that pretty much anybody can sell on the website including men, all you need do is list your underwear.

How to Buy Used Panties

A buyer on the website can scroll through the pictures of various sellers contained on the website and when he sees a person he likes, he chats them up using the private messaging option. The transaction can then be carried out online. The panties will be shipped to you as soon as your payment is received.

To protect client interests, clients are encouraged to look out for sellers that have passed the fake check. Selling used panties is an irresistible fetish and most people find it exciting to engage in it.