Buy Used Panties and Underwear

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Selling Used Panties

Selling your used panties at snifffr is easy. We have made it a walk in the park for you. The only challenge most girls find is in marketing themselves and panties. Take a look at the tips snifffr recommends to sell your panties.  Remember, you are not the only person selling online. You need to be creative to make you stand out from the crowd. Majority of the used panty buyers are males. Males are highly visual creatures. Make sure you have great photos of your used panties. Upload them to the store on the snifffr website.

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You really don’t have to show your identity either. snifffr protects your identity of the buyer and seller. Sellers may choose to reveal their identity to buyers at their own discretion. There are thousands of buyers waiting to buy used panties and our online marketplace offers you exceptional features to kick off your home business.

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