Buying and Selling Used Panties Digital Help

Do you want to earn additional income from a legit and unique business? If so, start advertising your used panties on the internet. However, we do not recommend advertising discarded, outdated panties that are no longer in use. Rather, we suggest advertising panties that you have just taken off after an event, including sporting for one day or more. You should promote soiled panties that carry your unique scent of femininity. And you can get several websites that allow you to advertise your panties with anonymity. All you need to do is choose a site that best fits your specifications.

Who are the customers of used panties?

Males, in fact. Thousands of men globally have unique fetishes about ladies. They try to please their fetishes by purchasing used knickers that carry ladies' scents. This often gives them some carnal satisfaction by fantasizing about ladies whose panties they buy. Such men would not have potentially even met you in person or seen the image. But the scent on your worn pantie stimulates carnal feelings and assists them in fulfilling some desires inconspicuously. And they are anxious to pay a reasonably good amount to satisfy their desire.

Used panties in high demand

Worn panties from young ladies whose feminine scents are distinct attract top value and have high demand, particularly if you have an excellent component to appeal to men.

Additionally, there can be nice demand for used knickers with naughty panty lines. The sturdier your scent, the greater the demand. All that may sound ridiculous; however, if you stand to earn easy money, the sale of used panties is the best option. Also, slimmer-sized knickers are generally proven to have a higher demand. Ethnicities and nationalities do not matter as long as you have the strongest feminine scents that men look for.

Regulations for sale of used panties

Although advertising and selling used panties is legal, there are specific laws that you need to adhere to:

  • You need to have worn the panties for a specific time for it to get your scents. Often a day or two.
  • Your used, soiled panty must not have scents from soap. It should only have feminine scents.
  • On your business social media profile, provide a username that is completely different from your real name.
  • You must be a female of eighteen years old or more.
  • Avoid common mistakes that you might do unwillingly while promoting your business.
  • Do not disclose that you are promoting worn panties to any person. It might result in embarrassment. Or, worse, it is possible you may fall victim to sexual assault or be stalked by someone.
  • Outdated, broken, and torn panties have little to no demand
  • The exact panties you display online must be identical to the one on sale.


  • It is easy- promoting used panties is extremely easy on snifffr. Notably, buyers may sometimes have a special request which may or will not be simple to create. But you can simply reject the selected requests that you are not comfortable with.
  • Flexible timing - the best part of this business is that it only revolves around the shipping and packaging of your item. 
  • You can sell used panties with other side-jobs - Although you can earn a huge income in this enterprise, you will definitely admire other hustles from more experience and revenue. You can make money from selling panties as well as other side hustles without investing much effort and time.


  • Uncomfortable - Generally, worn panties offer a higher price for long-time wear. Unitary issues may arise if you wear the same panties for a number of days. If you wear the same clothes for many days, skin-related issues are pretty common in that sensitive area. A perfect technique to avoid this is to normally double the pricing or evade requirements for “wear” days.
    Stiff competition - There are two main elements that make competition tough in sports and other activities.

Although promoting used panties is legal, there are several moral rules regarding this business. And although proponents suggest that it offers a good amount of money for women and helps men in fulfilling their desires, opponents refer to it as a kind of pornography. However, choosing on ethics and morals about advertising your used panties is based on your anonymity. You are the person to determine whether or not to earn money by selling used panties.