Buying or Selling Used Panties

Used Panties: A New Trend?

If you are looking for panty deals for the first time, this is a new fetish or one that has been around the block for a while. It can be hard to determine, simply because of the fact that what many individuals do behind closed doors is generally not something that they discuss in public. However, with the advent and growth of the internet over the last quarter-century, we have quickly discovered that many people are more than happy to discuss their personal sex fetishes on this medium that we call the World Wide Web. This also includes the idea of sniffing someone's used panties. Indeed, there are more used panty fetishists than you might think.

The Best Panty Deals: Why Even Try in the First Place?

Of course, there are some people who would wonder why the whole idea of used panties would be a fetish in the first place. Why would there be a demand for used underwear? Well, part of the reason is simply due to the fact that yes, there are some people who get a sexual thrill from the sight, touch, or smell of used women's panties. Of course, this all begs the question: when it comes to getting good panty deals, wouldn't it be easier just to go to the nearest store and buy some panties just by pretending to be a husband or boyfriend? Well, in a word, no. It doesn't work that way and it really isn't that simple. You see, nine times out of ten someone looking for good panty deals will want them to be used. It may not even be a case where they want to wear the panties; indeed, most individuals simply enjoy the smell. 

Good Panty Deals: There Are Sites Available

Even though this can seem like a very specialized service, the good news for those who have this fetish is that there are plenty of sites available. This is a great option because it will save someone the embarrassment of having it become public knowledge that they have this kind of fetish. On many of these sites, the way that it works is that there will be plenty of women available who will have their panties offered for sale. All a panty fetishist has to do is simply contract with a seller they are interested and agree on the payment and other terms and Viola, they will get their used panties. Of course, it can be difficult to determine if you are getting a good deal, which leads us to our next couple of points:

Excellent Panty Deals: Getting a Good Price

Of course, if you are new to buying used panties, you are probably what prices you should expect to pay for these panty deals. Generally, a good rule of thumb is that the panties of most ordinary should command no more than $50. Usually, about $30 is an acceptable price. Thus, if you see prices of upwards of $150 or more, this generally means that they should be something special. Additionally, if you are primarily interested in thongs or other smaller panties, you might actually think that you would have to pay more for something as sexy as these options. However, just the opposite is true. In actuality, there is less material on the underwear, so the seller should actually charge LESS. Even when you are engaging in your fetish, knowledge is power, so knowing the going rate for the seller's used panties can help you to avoid getting ripped off.

Things To Look For in a Used Panty Site

Of course, not all used panty sites are created equal. The ones that are devoted to quality will offer some surprising perks. First of all, a solid used panty marketplace will allow you to join the site for free. Additionally, they will always allow you to stay anonymous. 

Another aspect of a used panty site that would separate the wheat from the chaff could be summarized in just one word: freedom. The best used panty marketplaces will have a tremendous amount of girls for you to choose from. Not only that, but they will have all kinds of different articles for you to consider. Are you feeling like getting a used bra or blouse to go with some of these used panties? That can definitely be arranged with some of the better used panty marketplaces.

If you are interested in used panties, you would always do well to shop around.