Buying Wet Panties User Guide

The history of buying wet panties dates back to the 1990s in Japan, where the first shop was featured in magazines. Ladies started to sell their used panties, swimsuits, socks and sanitary napkins to earn an income. The women advertised their undergarments through pictures taken while wearing them. In 1994, the shop manager was arrested by the Tokyo metropolitan police department. He was also accused of breach of the secondhand articles dealer act that banned the purchase of secondhand goods without authorization.

However, over the years, the business was accepted into the community as it only allowed those who are 18 years and above to participate. The process of acquiring the used panties was long and tedious as one had to plan where to meet and perform the transactions. 

Who buys the wet panties?

Human beings have a different fetish that they do frequently and later develop into being an addiction. Men are considered to have many fetishes. They have a fetish for sniffing used or wet panties. They claim that the scent from used panties gives them arousal leading to great sexual pleasures. They say that the idea of owning a panty that the women previously wore is a turn-on. Therefore, men are the biggest market for used panties.

Some women also have been found to have great desires to purchase wet underwear from their fellow women. Hence both women and men participate in the trade; however, the most significant percentage is the men.

Why buy wet panties?

In recent days, people are not as conservative as they used to be. The art of selling and buying wet panties has been accepted in the market. The online platform has provided an environment that lets buyers buy wet panties and still maintain their anonymity. Several reasons may lead one to buy wet panties. The reasons include:

  • It is considered to be sexy. Some people find wet panties from different people and different types to be sexy, turning them on. Some people may also wear wet panties to turn them on.
  • For masturbation purposes. Most of the people who buy wet panties use them for masturbation. 

One does not need to hold back their fetish due to the fear of being viewed differently by the community. Enjoy your fetish at your comfort as long as you have the required resources to purchase the used panties.

How to buy the wet panties from snifffr?

Several steps can follow to become a wet panty buyer. The following are the necessary steps that require to be followed:

Register an account with an online platform

The registration process needs to be flawless and effortless. One should look for some of the best platforms that allow one to connect with the sellers. A good relationship between the buyer and the seller is always guaranteed to receive quality services and a platform that will enable them to ship the wet panties directly to them. The platform should also allow the buyer to remain anonymous during the buying process.

Connect with the seller

One should link to a reliable seller once they have a registered account. After registration, search for sellers to buy from.

Choose to be anonymous

Your anonymity is your main agenda and also a safe delivery of the purchased products. Hence, the platform you choose to use plays a great deal in ensuring all your needs are met.

Payment methods

One should be careful about the payment platforms and the methods used while making the payment. It is necessary to consider how secure the platform is. The platform should be easy to use as a complicated platform may lead to one performing the wrong transactions. The platform should also have a reasonable transaction cost. 

Alternatively, you may choose to use snifffr coins. 

Some platforms are Venmo and Google Wallet. Most of these platforms are also supported by online media for business purposes. Venmo and Google Wallet are secure and ensure that the sender and receiver of the money both benefit. Some are also universal, allowing one to send money across the world. This ensures that the buyers can interact with sellers across the globe.

Written by: Laura Thorpe