Dirty Socks For Sale on snifffr

Across the world, there are individuals who have a broad variety of personal sexual fetishes. One example of this would be people who have a fetish for smelling used socks. If you find scented feet or socks to be a turn-on, then you are actually in good company. As far as this fetish goes, there are several things that you should know.

Millions of people have a used socks fetish

You might be surprised at just how many individuals are out there that have a smelly sock fetish. There are people from all kinds of different walks of life and in all kinds of different occupations. Individuals in every geographic region of the world are represented within this fetish as well. Do you happen to find dirty socks to be a tremendous turn-on? If so, you probably already realize that there are several different categories for those like you who possess this fetish.

For example, there are those who simply enjoy the fact that they are buying socks from someone who they might have conversed a bit with before they purchased the socks. Along these same lines, they might get a real sexual thrill out of simply envisioning this person who sold the socks to them simply wearing the socks. They might even get off on the whole idea that just maybe these socks were the only thing that this woman was wearing at all!

There is a large underground marketplace for used socks

Another thing that many people are surprised to learn about would have to be the fact that smelly used socks is not only a popular fetish, but there is a large and organized underground market for these smelly socks as well! In fact, there are many people who have discovered this practice in rather accidental fashion. For example, there was one individual who was simply on an online marketplace such as eBay for the express purpose of making some extra money. All they wanted to do was simply sell some of their used clothes, simply because like many others, they had racked up an immense amount of credit card debt, they were saving for something, or they had other hobbies that they wanted to engage in. Well, this particular individual was quite surprised to say the least when she began scrolling through some of her eBay questions one evening.

First of all, there was one particular individual who definitely stood out. He was particularly interested in whether she had any used sports socks that she wouldn't mind parting with. After she said that she did, she was even more flabbergasted when she was able to sell three of these socks to the man at a price of $40, not to mention the fact that the man didn't want the socks to be washed! Although she didn't (at the time) understand the intentions of the man, she was definitely pleased at making the sale. However, it wasn't until the man proceeded to ask her if she also had any used g-string underwear for sale that she got an idea of just what might be going on there.She realized that she had unknowingly tapped into a healthy underground market. 

It didn't take her long to discover the answer to that question. First of all, part of the reason why there was such a high demand for hers and others' used socks had everything to do with the whole entire sexual fetishes marketplace. Perhaps surprisingly, she discovered that there was a broad cross-section of people who were just as interested in used socks as some of those who were interested in used stockings, underwear, bras, and other types of panties.

Of course, one of the other things that she quickly learned is that there are many other platforms where a person can buy someone else's used socks, used panties, or used g-strings. In fact, there are whole entire websites that are strictly devoted to this practice alone. One platform for sock fetishists would have to be snifffr.com. If this woman had been truly enterprising, she could have quickly realized that she could definitely have made even more of a financial killing if she had sold her socks and underwear on this platform instead of eBay. Does this sound like something that you might be interested in doing? If so, the process of selling these items on snifffr is quite easy. Keep the following steps in mind:

First of all, you will need to sign up to the snifffr site. This isn't a difficult endeavor at all. You simply just enter some personal information such as your email address and your name and then you are ready to go on to the next step. Then, you should go ahead and list your dirty socks or used socks for sale on the platform. You should get ready for talking to several different people regarding their dirty socks fetish because you would be surprised at just how many people love smelling used socks. Once you negotiate a price, you should ship your worn socks to them. It's as easy as pie and you can definitely make a decent side income doing this!