Discover How To sell used panties


Did you know that you can sell used panties and make a tidy profit? There are millions of people around the world who currently enjoy the whiff of used panties. They are ready and willing to purchase your sexy, aromatic panties. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can take part in this enterprise by selling your used panties. The process of selling your used panties is quite simple and straightforward. Moreover, the returns are literally instant. Read on to discover more about how to sell used panties. All that it requires is a bit of work and a bit of smarts. It is really easy to get going. Selling used panties is a great way to make a bit of extra income.

How to sell used panties

To sell your undies and deliver a whiff of your aroma to someone, simply begin by creating an account on the snifffr website to sell used panties. After doing so, engage with some buyers that you think will like what you are offering. You can begin to chat with them by using an online chat functionality that is located within the website. Once they are ready to buy your used panties, you can arrange a means of payment and send the product to them. The other option is to private message the buyers. Simply navigate to your profile and then click on Private Message. Engaging the buyers is a great way to market your used panties for sale.

Important note to sell used panties

To ensure that you are completely anonymous, indicate that the return and delivery addresses are the same. As you sell used panties, make sure that you have received payment before sending the product. This is because the website is only a platform for the buyers and sellers to meet. It is not involved in transactions at all. snifffr is a marketplace. The buyer and seller need to arrange payment between them. If issues of payment do exist, you can reach out to snifffr for some assistance. However, snifffr does not guarantee that it will be possible to resolve your issue. That being said, it is not very often that people get scammed. You need to be on the front foot when selling used panties. No payment, no panties. It is that simple! Follow this rule to stay ahead.

Interested in those who sell used panties? Here is how to buy

Maybe you want to have a whiff of some used panties? In this case, you can start by visiting the snifffr website and create an account. After doing so, you will find the profiles of various people who sell used panties. You can begin to chat with them through the online chat function. If you like a particular seller's products, you can simply buy their merchandise. To complete the transaction, you need to arrange a specific method through which payments will be made. After that, provide the seller with a delivery address. They will then sell used panties immediately to you. Many people use Google Wallet or Venmo for the transfer of money. It is entirely up to you what payment method you use. If you are not sure what is the best payment method, you can do some research online to find one that suits you. Alternatively, chat to others on snifffr to find out what payment method they use to accept and make payments. Some sellers even have a wish list of Amazon where they accept gifts in lieu of money. The buyer and seller should always agree on this. This will complete your transaction.  


The process of signing up on snifffr is completely free. You may choose to pay for a premium membership at some stage. Furthermore, it is important to know that there is a monthly set fee. This one does not change no matter how many transactions you process. If you would like to buy or sell used panties, this site is the way to go.