Ever Asked How Do I Sell Used Panties? Here’s How

If you ever wondered, “How do I sell used panties?”, read this quick guide to learn the easiest way to make sales. There are benefits for buyers and sellers in this market and we want to show you how to get started.

There are lots of men out there that love to smell panties. Their fetish usually goes unfulfilled, so there’s a gap for you to fill. You can make someone happy by something as simple as selling them your used panties.

You also get to change your panties out in a clever way. More importantly, this is a great form of income to supplement your main hustle. Selling something you already use on a daily basis is ingenious. You can sell panties independently or through a marketplace online.

How do I sell used panties Independently?

It’s possible to sell your delicates on your own. First, set up a discreet way to get paid. Use a payment gateway like Venmo. Next, sign up for a P.O BOX so that your address can remain anonymous.

Post an ad on an online or a physical classified with pictures of your panties. To make it more appealing, write your ad with words that appeal to the desires of those with an panties fetish. Eventually, you will get responses to your ad and get paid! However, if you’re asking How do I sell used panties on your own, you aren’t aware of the host of resources online.

How do I sell used panties Online?

Selling independently means you need to find clients. It’s easier if you sign up with a trusted website with a built-in marketplace. There are several websites and online groups you can try, but you may have to pay a commission per sale.

snifffr is one such website where you can create a profile and start selling almost immediately. The site connects you with buyers that are eager to get a hold of your panties. Best of all, it’s free to sign up. The site charges you a set fee to use some of their other features, but no commission!

How do I sell used panties on snifffr?

It’s as simple as creating a profile with a username, pictures of your panties, and some inviting, seductive pictures of you. Once your profile is created, you can engage with interested buyers using the chat function. It’s easy to find a match! Once you feel great chemistry, you can arrange with the buyer for payment.

snifffr advocates for safety with all its users. User can choose to go through a snifffr fake check. They encourage you to use the same return and delivery address. Make sure you get paid before sending out your delivery. They also keep your name and email anonymously. On snifffr you can also sell videos, pictures, and even phone calls.

How do I sell used panties and What Does It Say About Me?

You can join an anonymous community of used panty sellers and buyers like snifffr. Or you can sell independently. What it says about you is that you are not defined by who sniffs your panties. After all, they are just panties, right? Asking How do I sell used panties says that you are enterprising. Who would think about turning their used panties into profit but an incredibly smart woman?