Everything You Need to Know About Worn Panties Sale

Worn panties have become widely sought-after items. Since many people have fetishes of used panties and others are just collectors. They collect used panties depending on their fabric, design, color or brand. This has given rise to several websites dedicated to buying and selling used underwear. The worn panty sites also offer an opportunity to make quick money in an anonymous and low-risk way.

However, selling worn panties is not easy. A lot is involved in order to make a sale. You need to fulfill all the clients’ requests and even sometimes engage in detailed negotiations. In order to get successful and consistent sales make use of the following tips.

Get a Reliable Site

Due to the high demand of used panties, several panty sites have emerged. As a seller, you need a platform where you can post your products easily and potential buyers can see it. The platform should also be trustworthy and allow online transactions to happen safely and anonymously. On the other hand, buyers should rely on sites where sellers will deliver what they really want.

Whether you are selling or buying worn panties, you have to use a trusted website. Always do your research and make sure that you are doing business with a reputable company. We also have thousands of buyers so sellers.

Create an Outstanding Profile

Once you have a platform for worn panties, you need to set up a profile that connects you to buyers. Your profile details should show your personality. So, write interesting things about yourself. You could as well include your hobbies and interests. This will help you connect with the right buyers. It is also an opportunity to show our naughty side and grab buyers' attention. Also upload a photo, buyers love to see who they are buying worn panties from hence more sales.

Make Creative Descriptions

You need to be imaginative and creative when listing the worn panties. Try telling a story about each panty, simply do not state you are selling a used red thong worn for three days. For example, say the day you wore the thongs you were thinking of your partner and ended up masturbating on them. Remember this is an online shop just like any other and you need to market your products.

Additionally, mix up the type of panties you sell, you may find that some worn panties sell better than others. Therefore, have used panties with different colors, material, style and brand. Then price them appropriately. Plus Update your listing with new items regularly to keep the buyers coming back.

Also, to increase your customer base, diversify your online shop. Panties are just one item fetish customers like. They also desire used bras, used stockings, worn pantyhose, and all kinds of intimate undergarments.

Organize yourself

For you to make good cash you will be tempted to chat with almost all the buyers. Fetish customers are very particular and have many demands. Some will ask you to wear underwear for a few days. Others will require you to exercise in the panties for them to acquire a natural smell. Others are eager to see a video of you wearing the panties. With all these demands it's crucial for the seller to have a plan on how to attend to all the buyers without things getting out of control. It is also recommended that you clearly list all the special requests that you are prepared to offer.

Watch out For Special Requests and Returning Buyers

Though ‘underwear fetish’ customers may have a lot of demands, those special requests can bring you more money. Whenever a buyer asks for more than what you are offering you can do it at an extra cost. Once in a while you can offer the extras for free, this will make the buyers come for more of your worn panties.

Also focus on your regular buyers by following their previous feedback and providing them pleasant shopping experiences whenever possible. Occasionally go an extra mile to make them feel valued.

Be Anonymous

When participating in the worn panties sale, you should make your safety a top priority. You should not reveal your personal information such as full names, phone number and address to the buyers since you don’t really know them. If you have to send pics or a video focus from the neck downwards just ensure to be sexy. Always opt to receive payments online for anonymity purposes. At snifffr, we allow sellers and buyers to choose their preferred payment option as long as it's safe.