Five Reasons to Buy Used Knickers

Are you looking to buy used knickers? If so, what’s your reason for doing so? Could it be that you want to add them to your closet collection as your trophy or the smell of a woman’s vaginal fluid makes you go wild?

Whatever the reason, you’re not alone. Thousands of people, both men and women, buy used knickers for personal reasons. If it’s your first time buying, you probably wonder which reasons other people use to buy used knickers. Here are some reasons to help you understand.

What do people looking to buy used knickers hope to achieve?

Used knickers to used panties sniffers are what perfumes are to women. A buyer may prefer his bought used knickers to be laced with sexual fluids, natural vaginal discharge, or even sweat. It’s a fetish that has been long with us, and selling them is one way of acknowledging its existence.

Like most buyers, you want to know how the seller plans to package their product. One of the reasons people buy used knickers from legit websites is because they don’t want to get bad deals. Sites like snifffr are not afraid of removing anyone engaging in misconduct.

Why do people buy used knickers?

The main reason people purchase used knickers is to enjoy a woman’s scent despite not being near her. Other reasons include:


Some people get aroused by their sexual partner’s sweat. Others get an erection by the mere sight of a naked person on TV. There is no manual when it comes to fetishes. A person can buy used knickers to sniff on it, visualize a woman wearing it, and masturbate from the smell.

Materbation after sniffing on used knickers is a pleasurable act and is one way of satisfying your sexual hunger. The brain instantly releases sex-related chemicals, compelling you to masturbate.

As a wardrobe trophy

People buy used knickers all the time, and it’s only fair that they’d want to add to their wardrobe collection. When you come home from work after a long day, all it takes to wrap it up is to open your wardrobe and sniff on it.

To sniff on different women’s scent

You already know, by now, that the easiest way to get to a man’s heart is through food and sex. But what happens if the man is bored with the same food recipe? The easiest thing they’ll do is go to a restaurant or order takeout.

The same happens when buying used knickers. Every woman has a unique scent of her own. The natural smell she emits can make any man go wild. Nothing gets men closer to a lady than used knickers.

If you’re like most men, you may want to experiment with different panties. It doesn’t hurt to try them out until you find that vaginal scent you’ve always wanted. You’ll know it is the one if it gives you an adrenaline rush.

To satisfy curiosity

In a world where the internet is a one-stop-shop for almost everything, you probably want to know if these products really exist or it’s just a scam. This mostly happens to people looking to buy worn knickers for the first time.

At first, you may have a friend who confessed to sharing your fetish. Obviously, they won’t lend you some of their prized treasures. So, they challenge you to give it a try. You join a reputable site like snifffr, get a model you like, and order.

Before you know it, the product lands in your mailbox, and it looks exactly as the seller promised you it will. And that’s the best way to satisfy your curiosity.

The first thing you do is buy used knickers online and add a few dollars to the pockets of different sellers. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do with the used knickers after buying. 


There you have it! Now you understand why people buy used knickers online and why the number keeps increasing. Considering the fact that this business has been in existence for many years, we can only hope sellers will get more buyers. We also encourage buyers who’re a bit shy to buy used knickers online.