Focus on Selling Worn Knickers

snifffr is an adult website where buyers and sellers meet to buy and sell used knickers. We usually focus on selling worn knickers where we provide a wide variety of them to people with sexual fetishes. Shipments can be made worldwide if the customer provides accurate information about the location to the seller. 

We have helped many people who need to buy used knickers since they can meet freely with sellers on the platform to transact at affordable prices. Individuals who want to open up a shop on the snifffr site are required to pay monthly subscriptions for a premium account to enable them to carry out the business. 

The price of each worn knickers depends on the extras that the sellers sell. The sellers in our platform have a wide range of used knickers such as nylon, satin, and silk available at retail. 

There are so many sellers of used panties on our website, thus making it possible for buyers to meet them and choose from the various types of used panties available. Meaning that if one person wants to search for used panties, they will find just what they want. In addition, we provide information about different types of used panties available in the market, together with pictures and descriptions of what each of those types of used panties.

The history of buying worn knickers

The habit of buying used knickers originated in Japan, where they used vending machines to sell them to buyers. It became a cultural phenomenon, and people with sexual fetishes were not shy when purchasing them. Various sizes and types of knickers were available at the machines; therefore, people could choose according to their tastes and pay in the machine. Japanese women used to wear kimonos to cover their genital parts during the World War since no decent panties were available. After they wear them, they could sell them to other people who want to purchase them. Therefore Japan was the country that started the selling of worn knickers to women by the use of vending machines.

Tips to follow when buying and selling worn knickers

Buying and selling used knickers at snifffr is simple; by following these tips, you can quickly get your hands on quality used panties at a very reasonable price.

  • Browse our shop or type what you need in the search bar and click the "search" button to direct you to the various used panties posted on our website.
  • Look for the desired size, color, brand, and other details like any specific features that you want in your underwear
  • You may also leave the seller a review after the sale. 

Anyone interested in purchasing or selling old panties on our site must first complete the basic registration process, which includes providing their contact information, such as an email address, full name, and a password, among other things. Purchasers and sellers are allowed to participate in talks regarding the available things because purchasers can view photos of the items on the website and choose whether or not to purchase or reject the item being offered for sale.

Payment methods

Buyers and sellers can choose to make payment in any way they choose. However, snifffr highly recommends you use the snifffr escrow service as this is the safest way to transact. 


The Venmo payment mechanism

To make payments to sellers on the snifffr website, buyers can utilize Venmo as one of the payment methods available. 


Google Wallet

Due to the reliability and convenience of the Google wallet payment mechanism, consumers can also make online purchases from snifffr members using this technique. They use their smartphones to pay for the second-hand panties they purchase online.


snifffr is one of the most popular online marketplaces for the exchange of worn knickers, and it connects buyers and sellers from all around the world. We provide excellent customer service because we deal with questions about our members' products to the purchasers, and we have a knowledgeable staff. Anyone interested in purchasing used panties should visit our website at snifffr to view the large selection of used panties that we have available for purchase.