From Taboo to Trend: The Evolution of Buying and Selling Used Panties

Buying and selling used panties have certainly come a long way in the past couple of decades. Think about it: With the click of a mouse or the swipe of a screen a variety of used panties can be at your fingertips!

Whether you are looking for naughty red lace or cheeky black leather, chances are good that you can find just the dirty underwear that you are looking for. There is no telling what you might discover – and the results could surprise you when you are browsing the right platform.

Even better, sellers and buyers can interact in chilled, relaxed legit online marketplaces, such as snifffr, where there are established safety measures in place to keep discretion intact. Loads of sellers have unleashed their inner entrepreneurs and created a fabulous income stream – all thanks to their pre-loved items.

Plus, because the online marketplace is such an easy-to-access space, you can effortlessly become part of another layer of the kink community.

That being said, you might be wondering: What did the picture of buying and selling used panties look like before?

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane.

Pre-Internet transactions – and a touch of controversy

Before the inception of the Internet (which almost feels unimaginable!), selling used panties might have seemed a bit shady for some. Especially when you consider the controversy that some types of establishments got themselves entangled in due to dodgy behaviours that might not have been regulated from the start.

Take the case of brick-and-mortar burusera shops that in the early 1990s. These shops are known for selling used panties, even flogging items from schoolgirls among others.

Thankfully, the early 2000s saw more stringent laws put in place to ensure minors (under 18s, in other words) are not exploited by these shops in any way and that no minors were either selling or buying dirty underwear.

And with the advent of vetted Internet marketplaces, there came a bit more control over establishing legit selling platforms where age restrictions were imposed from the start.

Removing misconceptions – and creating some awareness along the way too

So, before you were able to look up used panty fetishes online, it might have been easy to wonder what the interest was all about. Your knowledge might have been limited to what other people were saying, what you might have seen on TV, and not much else.

Luckily, there are several online resources that shed some light on the used panties kink.

Is it perverse? Or just plain weird behaviour?

The answer is pretty simple: Not at all! Those with a used panty fetish are simply turned on by the unique smells of dirty underwear and explore this attraction in various ways that they are comfortable with. Scent and touch combine to make the experience one that they can enjoy again and again with items that they have handpicked.

Online marketplaces such as snifffr create safe spaces where buyers interested in obtaining dirty underwear can effortlessly browse, make their selections and connect with sellers to check out what they could be getting.

And you will quickly learn that most vetted platforms provide a wealth of information – normalising the kink of loving used panties and why it shouldn’t be seen as a taboo at all.

Even celebs have tapped into the trend of selling used underwear!

It goes without saying: Even actors, musicians and more have dipped their toes into the world of selling used underwear.

From Kerry Katona from Atomic Kitten fame and Katie Price to even Ed Sheeran and Kelly Brook selling their used underwear (the latter two for a good cause), celebrities have added even more clout to how selling preloved undies needn’t be seen as a dirty business.

In some cases, these sales meant fans could get their hands on items from some of their favourite figures, making them theirs to own forever,

Adult stars have also benefitted from the online marketplace for used panties. While some buyers might have shown interest in used items as they are collectors at heart, others might covet dirty panties for the fantasy and experience that they could provide.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that even famous faces have shown that it is perfectly acceptable to sell used panties – provided this is done in a legit environment.

The current picture: A diverse online market where used underwear is celebrated

Selling used panties on the Internet has become a diverse arena where sellers of any shapes and sizes can put up their used underwear for sale.

Some buyers might be searching for XL items, while others might be more into skinny fits – there really is no one-size-fits-all as it has become such a body-positive environment. So, there is really no size prejudice – the right buyers will make contact with the sellers that tap into their wildest interests!

The online marketplace has positioned itself as an equal playing field too, where both men and women can sell their dirty panties, make a profit and enjoy being part of a rewarding experience in the fetish community.

A big part of how buying and selling used panties have evolved is that there is a more accepting culture online now.

People are writing articles about anything from the benefits of selling used underwear to how you can make money from dirty panties. They are providing answers to the questions people are asking or what they might be curious about.

Therefore, there is an online conversation already in place – lifting the lid on something that might once have been perceived as a taboo and that is now an extension of the voice of the kink community.

So, whether you want to become a buyer or seller of used panties, or simply want to stay up to date with what is going on in the online marketplace, enjoy every moment!


Are you enjoying our article so far? Have a look below at some of our most frequently asked questions.

In the case of burusera shops selling schoolgirls’ undies, there certainly has been – but luckily, on vetted platforms such as snifffr, you can be assured that no minors are exploited in any way.
Provided both the buyer and seller are older than 18 and make use of a vetted platform, you can be assured that everything is legit.
In the case of snifffr, you can check out our terms and conditions page where you will find all the information to set your mind at ease that you are browsing a vetted and trusted online marketplace.
Not at all – it is a fetish that some people might have due to the pleasure they get from smelling specific odours and getting turned on by the fantasy of it all.
Always go for a trusted sellers’ platform such as snifffr. There is a high level of protection on a site such as ours where you can enjoy privacy and a safe environment to browse for what you are looking for.
Always do your research first. Steer clear of any marketplace where there are hidden fees (a big no-no) or where there is no regulation to ensure sellers and buyers re older than 18.
Make sure you only purchase your dirty panties from proven online marketplaces. For extra protection, interact with sellers beforehand (via chat on your platform of choice, for instance) where you can discuss what you could receive as well as what the seller would charge you. Remember, when you have all the information you need, it will make things easier for sure!

The safest way to transact is with snifffr deals. Transacting off site on platforms like Kik or PayPal increases your risk. Snifffr does not provide support for these platforms.

Of course! On snifffr, we provide a lot of discretion, and you can still maintain a good business without needing to show your face if you feel uncomfortable about doing it!

Remember to never give out your personal banking details or personal address when interacting with a buyer – you do not need to do that. Simply use your buyer’s address as the send and receive address when posting your sold used panties, and make use of safe payment options (such as what we offer on snifffr) to allow you extra protection with every transaction of your listed items.

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Written by: Laura Thorpe