Great Advice to Sell Your Wet Panties

There is a way for you to make extra money. You do not have to engage in any activity that would be uncomfortable. You do not even have to leave her home. You can sell used wet panties online. A site like snifffr makes it possible for you to sell your wet panties to clients that are looking to make a purchase. The wet panties are part of their fetish and they will pay you for these panties.

Selling Your Wet Panties

It is easy to sell wet panties online. A seller can put them in the mail and will not have to meet anyone in person. This will keep the seller safe. The seller does not have to share their address or contact information to sell the panties. They can communicate with a potential client in an easy-to-use online platform. The seller can still sell the panties to interested people without compromising on security.

Getting Started

It is easy to get started in the wet panties business. A seller can sign up for a free account. This account will ask for some general information. The seller can fill in a profile that tells a little about them and what they like. The seller can give a brief bio or write about what they find interesting or likes to do. The seller will then need to add some pictures to their profile. They can add private pictures for clients if they are comfortable doing so. Once the profile is complete, they will need to upload items to the store. These are going to be the wet panties that they are looking to sell.

Fake Check

While a seller does not need to show their face to the client they will need to verify their identity and take a picture showing their face to the snifffr staff. This will help keep their identity safe and will make sure the pictures were not stolen off the internet.

Selling the Panties

The wet panties will sell better if the seller is willing to interact with the buyers. The buyers will want to get to know a little bit about the seller. They can also reach out to buyers that they find interesting and if the seller has something in common with them. There are several ways to reach out to these buyers. A seller can message the buyer on the online chat system or use a private message service found on the site. A seller can talk with the buyer and get to know them a little. The more you interact with the buyer the more you are increasing the potential for the sale of wet panties.

Setting Prices

A seller can sell their panties for any price that she wants. If the price is competitive they are more likely to make a sale. The seller can post an asking price on the panties that they has posted in their store. They can also speak to the client and negotiate a price. While they are talking they can agree upon a price for the wet panties. This will allow the client to get the panties.

Payment Methods

There are some easy ways to get paid when selling wet panties online. One of the most trusted ways is an e-wallet. This includes a Venmo or Google Wallet account. The client will pay using this method and the money will be sent to the account of the seller selling the panties. There is another way the seller can get paid. Some of the clients may pay using snifffr coins. These coins have a monetary value on the site. You can then cash out the coins and get the money for your panties.


Shipping methods will be discussed between the buyer and the seller. They will decide who is going to cover the cost of shipping. The seller may want to add on a little bit of extra money for the purchase and tell the buyer this is to cover the price of shipping. Either way, the seller will send the used panties directly to the buyer. 

Who Buyers Wet Panties

There are all different types of people that buy wet panties. Some men are looking to experience a woman. Other men just have a fetish for used panties especially if they are wet. 

Wet panties are a big business. Many people want to smell the scent of a woman. This is one of the main reasons why they are looking to buy wet panties. Now with the use of the internet, a person can sell their panties and a client can have their needs met when they purchase these wet panties.