Helpful Advice on Used Knickers for Sale

There are many fetishes out there and some are unique. Used panties is a fetish that many people are interested in. Buyers want the scent of a woman and used panties are a way to get this scent. There is a market out there for used panties. The site snifffr has a large collection of used panties. Real women are selling their used knickers for sale. This site will help a person get their fetish fix and their used panties.

If a woman is looking to make some extra money she can sell used knickers for sale online. It is easy to post and a woman can make a side income or turn it into a full time job if they desire.


When setting the price for used panties keep in mind that the platform may charge a fee. They are doing the marketing, hosting and finding buyers. The seller should include the fee as part of her price when she is selling her used panties. The seller should also start off at a lower price when beginning. No one is going to get thousands of dollars right away. A seller will need to build up her fan base. To do this, the seller’s used knickers should be reasonably priced until she builds up a following.


The seller is going to need to take pictures of herself in the panties. A customer is going to want to see what they are buying. The profile picture will get the attention of the customers and it should be high quality. All of these images need to be clear. Most phone cameras will be perfectly sufficient. The buyer is going to need to see the image and the person wearing the panties. Sellers should have a flirty look and be appealing to the viewers. 

Building Relationships

When selling used knickers online there is more than just taking and posting photographs. Sellers should look to build a relationship with their customer. They can do this by posting a bio of things that they like and a little about themselves. The seller can also engage in private chats with the customers. This will allow them the chance to get to know each other. The customer is more likely to return to use the sellers services and purchase other panties that they have for sale online. Building lasting relationships is one of the keys to finding success when selling used panties online.


There are live chats that will allow the sellers to connect with the buyer. The women selling their panties should engage in live chats. This is where most of the deals are made and it is a great place to meet potential buyers. This will also help develop a relationship with the buyer and will help close a deal.

Complete the Entire Profile

When a woman signs up to sell used knickers online she is going to need to develop a profile. In addition to the pictures that she is going to be posting, there are other fields that need to be completed. A woman needs to make sure she fills out every section of the profile. This will help buyers learn a little bit more about her. Sellers can still keep their confidentiality but they will be able to attract buyers with similar interests. If the profile is complete it will show that the woman is serious about their online sales and making their used panty business grow. It will also show that the seller is a real person and also has an interest in the used panty fetish and selling them online.

There are many different types of people looking to purchase used panties online. There is a big used panty fetish and many people are sexually aroused by this. While the consumers are mostly men there are also women that will purchase used panties. There are those that like the scent of a woman and want to experience it whenever possible. Used panties will help them get this fetish met.

Sites such as snifffr are easy to use. All payments are safe and secure. A person will browse the ladies and select the pair of used knickers for sale that they would like to purchase.

These are some tips for buying and selling used panties online. There is a big market for this fetish and sites such as snifffr make it possible for buyers and sellers to get their fetish met.