Helpful Advice to Sell Your Used Panties Online

Whether you are an amateur or a newbie in the field of used panties selling, you could be performing more to trade your used panties online. Since the selling of panties is not something you can attend school for, most fruitful traders have succeeded through trial and error techniques. Although the trial and error method is the most famous method to trade your panties, it is absolutely not the most effective, which is the reason why we have prepared this ultimate guide to trading used panties. This guide aims to produce something that can benefit all experienced levels in the secondhand underwear field and provide a step-by-step explanation to the new traders.

The ultimate guide to trading used panties online


Most secondhand panties marketplace must charge a trader a certain fee to open their underwear shop and list their goods at the site. However, there are a number of free alternatives available, though they have restricted audiences which means your goods will not have maximum exposure.

The bigger platforms will provide sellers a subscription in which they will pay a quarterly or monthly fee for the capability to list panties on the website and be presented to customers. Now this charge varies from one platform to another.

Most traders hesitate to take the risk and pay the fee, worrying that they will have little to no return. We normally request our users to consider the subscription as an investment in themselves, which is the beginning of their own business. Before starting your used underwear business, look around, and find the price that you are most comfortable with based on the services being offered.

User interface and design

While there is a saying that states that "do not judge a book by its cover," if the book's cover is all you need to succeed, a judgment must be made. The user interface and pattern, feel, and appearance of a site indicate the pantie selling platform's success and credibility. Another critical factor to consider is the usability of the website. The user must be able to easily navigate the site. The details of the website must be direct and clear. In this digital world, a product is their website, and if it is not perfect, they are not worth your business.

Profile picture

The profile picture promotes your brand since it is the first time customer will see you, and although it may appear shallow, they will be judging you using this picture. Most people choose to use the image of the pantie as the profile picture, though it does not seem to perform perfectly. The underwear industry is personal and is based on creating relationships through an image and text; clients want to know who they are dealing with. Nevertheless, we also cannot forget that the underwear industry is a fetish and must remain sexual.

In the context of the profile picture, we recommend that the seller should try something flirtatious and sexy, but it is not something that will them uncomfortable. Also, the seller should include their face on the profile picture, but we comprehend that most sellers cannot afford to do this for anonymity reasons; it absolutely adds an individual touch that makes buyers go crazy.


The support team at snifffr is fast, efficient and very friendly. You may ask the team any questions you may have. 


The main reason why you ought to subscribe to any secondhand panties trading platform is that they have customers at their disposal. It could be very hard for you to just go by yourself and get those clients that want to buy secondhand underwear. In order to have a large audience, several factors must be considered. These factors include:

Sellers: if the platform has few sellers, this means that the platform has few buyers also. You should try the highly populated platforms such as snifffr. 

Citations: if the platform you prefer is not mentioned in the blogs or press, it is likely that they are not well established as it may seem.


All girls in the globe can mention a black thong in their list; nevertheless, clients would have seen it a million times before. This does not mean that you should not upload the black thong for your business; you need to do it just to make it a little bit unique. Try to wear it for a longer period, take unique requests, do something it takes to make your panties stand out from the rest. Also, you ought to list a wide range of underwear in distinct types, colors, and scents, among others. 


It is apparent that most secondhand panties sellers prefer to stay unidentified, which is the reason why most sellers become doubtful when city and country fields appear on the sign-up form. You can be reluctant to enter these credentials; however, it absolutely benefits your business a lot. Customers' quotes are more subjected to buy from you if they can exactly know you come from the same place with them, either you share the same state or city. It offers a sense of accessibility and commonality. Additionally, it provides the choice to filter by the nation in the search engine results. This means that if their fixation embraces underwear from a particular nation globally, they can look for it.

Selling secondhand panties is really not difficult. Especially with the tips mentioned above, selling used underwear should be a walk in the park for you. You do not have to be the best salesperson to succeed in this business. There are a million customers willing to buy used panties. All you have to do is to attempt reaching out to them to achieve more sales.