Helpful Guide On How Do I Sell Used Panties?

The art of selling and buying used panties is believed to have its origin in Japan back in the 1990s. The first shop to sell used panties was first featured in the Gravure magazine in 1990. Since this recognition, several shops have adopted selling goods such as underwear, swimsuits and socks. The clothes were accompanied by a picture of a girl wearing them. Most of the clients were men who would use the items for sexual arousal and stimulation. Yes, that is a real fetish of used panties!

The shops did not operate for long as the owner was arrested. He was also accused of the offence of the action against selling secondhand goods without authorisation. Since then, the regulations have evolved, and people can now sell and buy the used panties without judgment.

Who sells used panties?

Anyone can take up selling used panties. The sellers are required to be 18 years and above. We are a reliable platform for vending your panties online. Our members buy attractive, used undergarments to ensure they are always looking for new exciting products. So bring us those sexy used panties and be assured of receiving a great market.

What are the DIY tips on how to sell worn panties?

We offer a platform for both sellers and buyers. For one to become a seller, there are several things that need to be done.

  • For starters, one needs to be eligible. It is mandatory to be eighteen years of age to participate in the trade. A good reputation with the clients goes a long way in helping the success of the business. 
  • Well taken photos. Good lighting is necessary as the pictures are what you use to market your commodities. The image should also be taken from an appealing angle. To complement the photos, an added advantage would be videos. We love a good profile to attract more clients.
  • Have a good biography. Before anyone looks at your product, the first thing that catches the eye is the biography. A catchy and creative biography will attract more customers.
  • Market your business. You are marketing your business to drive good traffic to your shop. One can use social media platforms like Instagram, snapchat, TikTok, and Twitter to generate traffic.
  • Choose a good site to work. Before settling for one place, one should consider the ease of accessing the site and how traffic is generated on the site. Third-party platforms are recommended because they receive more people than the other parties.

Who buys the used panties?

Today's community is full of people with different fetishes. One should enjoy their fetish. The community today embraces all types of fetish as they say a happy man makes a joyful society. Men provide the biggest market for used panties.

Once a guy has smelt the scent of a lady left in her panties, it can lead to addiction. The guys describe the smell to be a drug that will instantly satisfy their hunger. Sniffing different scents from different people gives an obsession. But the thrill is fantastic, and since some may not have access to the used panties, we got you covered.

Our payment methods

snifffr only receives payment for premium features for seller. This is a feature that allows direct communication between the vendors and the buyers. A standard fee is required for one to access the feature.