Helpful Hints When Buying Used Knickers for Sale

Selling Used Knickers as a Business

Providing used knickers for sale to the public is among the most ingenious ways of making money online today. Whether a person is a cam-girl, porn star, performer, or anyone who does not want to show his/her face online, retailing used and dirty knickers should be a top priority earning activity. Top sellers can make a nice side income annually from the sale of used knickers. As such, it is a business that is both fun and rewarding for the sellers of used knickers on the internet.

How It Works

To start retailing used knickers online, an individual should first register for an account with snifffr. Registration is easy and takes just a few minutes to complete. Next, the seller can use the snifffr website to post pictures of their used panties where a pool of possible buyers can check out the products. Lastly, in the event a potential buyer finds an item that they would like to purchase from the snifffr website, they contact the seller for an agreement on how to pay and ship for the product.

How to Receive Payments

Payment for used knickers can be made using online platforms like Google Wallet and Venmo. Such payment platforms can be registered online for free and require few details for verification. Google Wallet and Venmo are easy to use, especially for novices who have never used online banking services in the past. Also, when offering used knickers for sale through snifffr, transactions completed using the stated online banking platforms are instant. As such, the payment method is highly convenient for both buyers and sellers of used knickers online.

DIY Tips

There are several DIY strategies that new sellers in snifffr can utilize to promote their level of sales for old knickers done over the internet. Such DIY tips include;

    • Advertising quality pictures of used knickers on your  account.
    • Ensuring timely shipping of your purchased worn knickers to the right buyers.
    • Building a good rapport with interested buyers on the platform
    • Providing a wide range of worn knickers on the seller’s account for potential buyers to choose.
    • Ensuring proper packaging of the worn knickers using airtight plastic sleeves to ensure that they retain their original body odor up to the time they reach the clients.
    • Provide a range of payment options to enhance the convenience of potential buyers in paying for dirty knickers.

Buyers of Dirty Knickers

There is a large market for dirty knickers on the internet today. The buyers for such worn garments could be men or women. The majority of worn knickers are purchased by buyers with a fetish for old used garments. Such fetish is cultivated by other underlying desires, such as the search for sexual arousal. In this case, collectors of worn garments may use the smell aspect of worn knickers to build their sexual arousal. As such, there is a large pool of potential buyers of old and worn knickers in the online market.

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