How Do I Buy Used Panties Anonymously?

Does panty sniffing turn you on? Does feminine discharge in a panty make you go wild? If yes, know you aren't alone. Many people out there are going crazy about used panties, and it makes perfect sense that they'd want to buy them. Just so you know, used pantiesstarted in Japan. They even have vending machines. So if you’re looking to buy worn panties with us for the first time or as a repeat client, here are some tips for buying online:

Find out what type of materials the seller stocks

As is expected of products sold online, product description is quite important. A seller may stock a wide range of materials from silk, lace, cotton, or sheers. That gives you tons of options to choose from. For example, you may be a fan of red-laced thongs. If that’s what tickles your fancy, choose a seller who has that. Alternatively, if you already have a seller you like, ask them to wear a material you like and wait for shipment.

Go anonymous

Selling and buying worn panties are more like pornographic interactions. A seller offers a panty for you to sniff, wear or store as a trophy. Therefore, protecting your anonymity is important. Our community at snifffr already knows the importance of anonymity.


While there is an option to disclose your identity, we emphasize you go low-key first. Once you get a seller you feel you can trust with your details, feel free to spill the beans. Remember, the seller also has an option of sharing or hiding their identity. So, don't get offended when they decide not to disclose theirs to you either.

Protect your account by setting a strong password

Imagine going to your account, and the first thing you notice is that it's been hacked. Such a scenario can shatter your world. While a strong password may not guarantee that your account is safe, it might be the only thing protecting you from pesky hackers.

Remember, hackers aren't in business to snoop and leave you alone. Their primary motives are to damage your reputation and extort money from you. A strong password can contain capital and small letters, numbers, symbols, and spacing. Finally, avoid logging into your account on many devices and not signing out after visiting our website. Our business is to protect your interest and ours. 

Avoid being difficult

In a used panty seller’s world, hooking up honest buyers with their products is all they want to make money. It makes them feel appreciated that you took the time to order their products and make prompt payments. At snifffr, we allow buyers and sellers to rate themselves. If a seller terms you as disrespectful or dishonest, chances are other sellers might not want anything to do with you.

Like any other business, we want our sellers and buyers to trust each other. If a particular seller doesn't have products that match your needs, you have the option of looking for another one. We have a policy that allows our sellers and buyers to report scammers. Once we receive a complaint, we will follow it up and decide to either remove the offender or issue a warning.

Go for a seller you can connect with

We assume that buying worn underwear is your reason for joining our community. But we also understand that you want to buy from someone who brings something extra to the table. Perhaps all it takes to buy a product is knowing how the package is formed. You want to connect with someone who markets products and tells you what to expect when sniffing them.

You also want someone who sells a fantasy, not a tangible product alone. If these details describe you, it would be best to go for a seller with a fun personality. Finally, ensure both of you are clear about everything you've requested to avoid getting disappointed when your order arrives.

Give credit where it’s due

There is power in offering your gratitude for getting what you ordered. It starts with saying thank you and giving positive feedback. Remember, sellers get motivated when they get nice compliments. They aren't just money-driven. Even if you were disappointed with their products, tell them how to improve and do it respectfully. You might be surprised at how a seller will be willing to offer freebies or discounts because you are a nice person.

Are you ready to order?

At snifffr, worn underwear buying and selling is our business. Thousands of buyers and sellers engage with each other through our site. We have a system that protects everyone from hackers and pesky peeping toms. Join our site today and buy your way to your sexual fantasy.