How Do I Buy Used Panties With snifffr?

Do you derive sexual excitement from used panties? Perhaps the thought of wearing worn panties makes you feel special. Whatever the case, buying used panties has always been the norm since time immemorial, and it won’t change anytime soon. It all depends on your reason for buying and how you plan to go at it. Read on to get started.

Why do people buy worn panties?

As you gear up your search engine for used panties, you likely wonder what’s in it for you? For starters, worn panties are tangible items signifying how the brain behaves when the nose enjoys a particular aroma or scent. It’s more like smelling your food before tasting it, let alone eating it. Now use your sense of sight to gauge how enjoyable the food will be. Don’t you see how powerful your sensing organs are? Buying used panties also relies on all your five senses, which any normal human being will find as typical.

In the used panties sniffing world, the user sees someone else in a panty. Since used panties are sexual symbols, the user starts imagining what’s underneath them. They engage the seller, wanting to confirm if the product is still available. Upon placing an order, they visualize how sexual hormones will react. They receive the product, touch and smell it. They might even decide to wear or keep it as a trophy.

The steps to take when buying used panties

Like any other product sold online, used panties come from different sellers, all with different styles and intentions. The only difference between them and regular products is the perception behind them. So, here are some helpful tips for buying used panties from legit websites like snifffr.

Sign up with a legit used panty selling/buying site

A legit site for selling used panties will want to know if you’re 18 years and above when signing up. Once you can prove that, enter your personal details. If you don’t feel like using your true names, there’s an option granting you anonymity. Now you’re ready to be part of the community. You can ask questions, leave comments or post insightful content.


Place your order

snifffr accepts payments via Venmo and Google Wallet from buyers. Payment methods like PayPal might not do you any justice. So, when placing your order ensure you register your details and fund your account using either Venmo or Google Wallet.


Engage the sellers

Some sellers prefer using their real names while others prefer concealing them. Should you find someone you like, please don’t delve so much into why they don’t want to reveal their identity. Most of them prefer separating their lives from businesses. Keep in mind that snifffr only admits genuine sellers, so you don’t have to worry about getting scammed. Any seller found violating community standards will be removed from the platform after gathering enough evidence.


Leave a review or comment once you receive a product

Comments and reviews, whether good or bad, are important for any business. They determine if a purchaser got what they were looking for. Also, they act as points of reference for future buyers. By leaving a comment or review, you’re proving to the community that you value being part of them. So, even if a particular product doesn’t fit your standards, talk about it. That way, the seller gets to understand your preferences and correct their mistakes.


Feel free to make any extra requests

Sometimes, you may be looking to get more than used panties. Instead, you prefer the model to ship underwear items like stockings, pantyhose, bras or vests. Provided the seller doesn’t mind selling them to you, there is no reason to shy away from stating your interest. Remember, some of them might decline your request. We hope that you’ll understand their reasons for turning you down.

Are you ready to order?

As a buyer, part of the reason you join such a community is to fulfill your used panties sniffing fetish. There’s nothing to be shy about because many people share your fetish. It all depends on which type of site you choose and if you’re ready to order. If you feel stuck on what to buy, the seller will give you too many options to choose from.

In your quest for a quality-assuring product, make a point of scanning and internalizing each seller’s content. Like any other product sold online, used panties also have product descriptions. Don’t just check out a product and place your order. Instead, read the seller’s content to determine if the product will create the sexual excitement you’re looking to get.

At snifffr, thousands of sellers and buyers connect everyday and seal used panties deals. Being a first-time or returning buyer shouldn’t deter you from choosing what you want. The best part is this business line doesn’t put you at risk of exposure, unlike other pornsite activities. So, sign up at the platform, fund your account, identify the product that tickles your sexual buds and place your order. Afterall, every adult is entitled to fulfilling their sexual fantasies. Bearing all these in mind, what else could anyone ask for?