How Sell Dirty Knickers Online Successfully

When looking to sell dirty knickers online, it is essential to be aware of the different types of buyers out there and cater to your sales approach accordingly. The idea of selling dirty knickers might not be new since it's an old concept started in Japan, but selling used underwear is a new market online, and it's gaining popularity by the hour. That means the competition is gaining pace, and you have to keep up. Here are a few tips to help you sell your dirty knickers successfully:

Use images and descriptions that appeal to your target audience

If you are targeting thrill-seekers, use images that are naughty and suggestive. When creating your listing, make sure to use pictures and descriptions that will appeal to your target audience. Providing high-resolution photos will help potential buyers see what they're buying.

That will help to build trust between you and your customers. If you are targeting men, describe the panties in a way that makes them sound sexy. Appeal to your customer's fantasies and desires to increase sales.

Price your dirty knickers accordingly

Pricing your knickers appropriately is essential for success when selling online. Make sure to price them high enough so that you make a profit, but not so high that no one is willing to buy them. Also, take into account the cost of shipping when setting your price.

And with some dirty online knickers selling platforms such as snifffr allowing you to discuss the price directly with the buyers, you want to make sure you convince them to buy by staying at a safe price range.

Ship them in a discreet package

If you want to sell dirty knickers online discreetly, you have to behave secretly. That means when shipping your dirty knickers, be sure to use a discreet package so that no one will know what is inside. That will help protect your privacy and ensure that your knickers arrive safely at their destination. Also, put the buyer's address as the return to avoid revealing your location.

Market them wisely

Marketing your dirty knickers appropriately is key to success. Make sure to target the right audience and use the right tone when dealing with them. Also, be sure to include clear and accurate photos of the items you are selling.

Take care of your customers

Taking care of your customers is essential for any online business. Make sure to respond to any questions or concerns quickly and effectively. This will help establish you as a reliable online seller. Do everything you can to ensure your customers are satisfied with their transactions. With some dirty knickers marketplaces such as snifffr requiring both the seller and buyer to subscribe to the chatting feature, you will want to have it to make sure you can communicate with your buyers.

Use the Most Convenient Payment Method

Online payment methods are numerous. You can choose among the many available but you have to decide by discussing the most convenient process between you and the buyer. Most sellers prefer a discreet method such as Google wallet or gift buying, modes that cannot be traced back to you. However, the most recommended option is snifffr escrow as this give you the most security. 

Don't forget to use a discreet payment method convenient to both you and the buyer. Discuss and agree. Pick a popular payment option as they allow you to remain anonymous while making the process seamless for both parties. But keep in mind that PayPal isn't an option.

Why sell Dirty Knickers on snifffr?

snifffr is ideal for starters to sell dirty knickers because it is a dedicated marketplace for intimate and naughty things. This means that there is already an audience of people who are open to buying Dirty Knickers, making it easier to sell them.

Another reason is that snifffr is a safe and secure platform. This means that buyers can trust that they are getting quality products from verified sellers and that their personal information will be kept confidential.

What's more, the marketplace offers the sellers and buyers a place to chat, make friends, discuss prices, and even buy or sell other services such as videos, calls, and photos.

Finally, with snifffr, it's easy for buyers to find you. If you use the above tricks properly, it'll be easier for the buyers to spot you. And before you know it, you're selling your first dirty knicker in the shortest time. Imagine that you can make this business a reliable income venture with reasonable effort.


Whenever there is a demand for naughty products, the market and with the tips and advice in this article, you should be well on your way to setting up a successful online panty business. You can now start selling dirty knickers online with complete confidence. Just remember to keep things professional and always comply with applicable laws and regulations. Good luck.