How to Begin Selling Used Underwear

The business of selling used underwear has become very popular lately. Many sellers have no problem entertaining buyers to boost their sales. Whatever the scenario, the used panty selling business isn't about to go away anytime soon. So whether you're selling for the first time or are a veteran, honing your marketing skills is essential. Here are some helpful tips to boost your selling process.

Be part of an online community

Snifffr is a one-stop online community that links buyers and sellers. Think of it as your stepping stone to meeting virtual sellers and buyers. Joining the community and displaying your panties isn’t the only thing you should be doing. In case you haven’t noticed, active sellers are the ones who buyers contact first. It doesn’t mean they’ve been in the business longer than you. Instead, they’ve proven to buyers that they are reliable and versatile. Once you become a member, there is no turning back. Be an active participant by welcoming new members, commenting on other sellers' posts, and recommending the latest panty additions.

Know your target customers

Buyers have different tastes and preferences. Some will want you to pee on your panties or wear it for a few days. The types of panties also matter to some buyers. By identifying your target customers, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of how to display and market them. Once you've known your target market, tapping into their desires will be easy.

Unravel your sexy personality— Sell the fantasy

You are in the business of selling panties, meaning your kinky personality should be the first thing buyers notice. Once you’ve created your profile and described your products on your website, be ready to chat with customers regularly. Look for a persona that complements your selling gimmick. Remember, displaying a sexy photo isn't enough. You also need to talk in a language that'll trigger any man's testosterone levels. Please take a look at Victoria's Secret: they didn't make their first million by displaying hundreds of pictures. Their most significant selling point was fantasy.

Be open with your price options

Repeat buyers will sustain your business better. To make them come back for more, ensure your pricing is competitive and fair. Check out how other sellers tailor their prices to have a rough idea of how yours should be. While at it, try making special offers or negotiable terms.

Be versatile

The panty selling business attracts different buyer personalities from all corners of the world. Some love it laced, red, and spicy. Others prefer innocent-looking grandma panties to tickle their fancy. Some of your buyers may want something different after buying for the first time. The bottom line is you'll get different requests from customers, and you need to be more versatile.

Keep your buyers in the know

Since used panty selling depends on repeat customers, it will be in your best interest to keep your buyers in the know. The community already has provisions for that in the form of direct messaging and live chats. To make your work easier, create your bio so that a customer can access your contacts. Anytime a buyer contacts, be ready to respond to their requests.

Wrap Up

So you’ve joined snifffr or are an active member. Congratulations! Our online community is there to help you learn the ropes of successful panty selling. We emphasize the need to be active at all times. Don’t just post your products and wait for buyers to swarm your inbox. Create time to know who your target buyers are. Remember, buying fetish-related items is a personal experience. The more you understand that buyers have different tastes, the higher your chances of getting the attention you need. Happy selling!