How to Buy and Sell Worn Panties

snifffr is an actual trusted marketplace used by people to sell or buy worn panties anonymously. It is convenient for online shoppers everywhere. To shop for worn panties, visit snifffr to get a whifff of that. Once visiting the snifffr website, you then need to sign up for free to become a site member, then create your profile.

How To Buy Worn Panties?

After signing up, it’s good to look at all items being sold on snifffr. Once you land your prefered choice, then make your purchase.

For one willing to buy worn panties on snifffr, you just need to follow the right procedure step by step.

  1. Viewing seller profiles.
  2. Live chat or message sellers.
  3. After conversation and agreements made on your selection, then pay for the panties.
  4. Lastly, enjoy the pleasure.

It’s good to note that all your payments goes to the seller directly. After making the payments, the panties are shipped directly to the buyer.

How To Sell Worn Panties on snifffr

Ever dreamed of owning an online selling shop. snifffr gives you a chance to own one, by selling worn panties. snifffr offers live chatting with the buyers and sellers. snifffr offers private messaging to buyers. To attract more buyers, it is recommended that you post photos and videos of worn panties.

To become a prosperous seller of worn panties, follow the steps below:

  1. Upload sexy panties to your personal shop to attract buyers. Provide details on the used panties.
  2. Maintaining a good messaging or live chatting with buyers to create reliability and general confidence with them. Reach out and engage with online buyers.
  3. Receive the payment in full before shipping any worn panties.

Payment For Worn Panties

Many people tend to ask how shipping is done. The process of shipping worn panties is normally an agreement between the seller and buyer. Seller ships their items directly to the buyer. Many sellers tends to use buyers address as the return address when shipping panties. This is done to remain anonymous.

What about payments?

The method of payment is agreed by buyer and seller. Some methods like Venmo or Google wallet are used. It’s good to note, snifffr does not get involved in money transfer.