How to Buy Dirty Panties Online with snifffr

Sniffing dirty panties is a sexual fetish experienced by thousands of people across the globe. Some have gone as far as buying them from strangers to have a different experience by sniffing varieties of dirty panties. Websites like snifffr have created a safe marketplace for dirty panties lovers.

snifffr is an online market for both sellers and buyers of dirty panties. It gives you a platform to choose dirty panties from different people across regions to satisfy your sexual desires, and it also offers much privacy when trading. Dirty panties are bought mainly by men who have the fetish and feel they can connect with women through that.

Helpful tips on how to buy dirty panties on snifffr website

Create account

Create a personal account, engage in live chats, add a profile picture and upgrade your account to premium. Creating an account will help you connect with other people by chatting on private messages and seeing their profiles. The account also allows you to request pictures, videos and enjoy your personal preference.


You should note that snifffr is an adult market place and therefore, you must be 18 years and above to have an account.


Explore the site

Maneuver through the website pages to understand what is going on since everyone has a common interest. Read other buyers' reviews, check on their satisfaction with services and their recommendations and complaints. Make sure you are engaging a legit seller to avoid fraud and other misunderstandings. snifffr gives you a platform to chat with sellers about purchasing their dirty panties, though it does not involve any transaction between the buyer and the seller.


Interact with our sellers

snifffr offers both buyers and sellers the opportunity to go through a fake check process. The fake check process requires you and the seller to take a picture of yourselves holding a piece of paper with the current date and snifffr word written on it.


Upload the pictures on the website and wait for approval. After approval, the buyer and the seller will get Fake Check Approval on your profiles; then, you can proceed with negotiations.


Check the material of the dirty panties.

When buying dirty panties online, always consider the quality of the material. snifffr allows you to exchange pictures and videos on your account profile. The dirty panties quality is a significant factor when it comes to pricing.


Compare the payment options

The cost of dirty panties and payment methods may differ from one seller to the other. Thus, always remember to discuss the payment method and delivery with the seller.


Remember snifffr only works as an intermediary between the sellers and the buyers and is not involved in the agreement and transaction method.


The mode of delivery or shipping also varies from one seller to another. Some sellers do not include the shopping costs when placing your order. Thus, it’s essential to inquire if you’re the one to pay for the shipping costs.

How to use snifffr Escrow

snifffr Escrow is a payment method designed to protect both the buyer and seller. The snifffr Escrow holds the payment until the seller has delivered the dirty panties or the buyer agrees to close the transaction. Once placing your order on our website, the system will guide you through creating a snifffr Escrow account and depositing the cash.

Why buy dirty panties online?

Unlike other products bought openly from physical shops, dirty panties are adult products that need a high level of privacy when buying and even using them. Thus, online shopping allows dirty panties lovers to shop privately. 

Besides, we have a friendly and professional customer support desk ready to respond to all your inquiries. If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us.