How to buy used panties online on snifffr

To buy used panties online has become much easier in recent years. Thanks to technology, buying used panties is significantly easier. This has aided growth in the used panties industry. In the past in Japan, buying used panties through vending machines was very popular. Later the internet came in where you can buy used panties without any of your details being exposed to the public.

It is now made easier, you can buy used panties online on the internet through snifffr. snifffr is a marketplace website that connects the sellers and buyers of used panties. It acts as an intermediary between the people who sell panties and the buyers. If you are interested in either buying or selling used panties online it is advisable to use snifffr. The website keeps you identity anonymous as a buyer or a seller.

Procedure to buy used panties online

  • Create your own account and give a clear indication that you are a buyer. Create your password and username.
  • Go through the profiles of various sellers on snifffr. There are gorgeous ladies whose profiles can make you develop an interest for their panties.
  • Start either live chat or messaging with the preferred seller and negotiate on payment terms and delivery terms.
  • Discuss the payment method that you will use with the seller.
  • Send money to the seller and wait for your delivery.

Procedure of selling used panties online

  • As a seller you need to create your account on the snifffr website. Create your username and password.
  • Upload you used panties to your snifffr shop.
  • Start an interaction with potential buyers who are on the site through your private messenger or online chat. This will enable you to know their interest and preferences.
  • You can start negotiating price and delivery terms after realizing that you have what they want.
  • Ensure you receive payment before delivery of goods.
  • The buyer will enjoy the pleasure and you will keep growing your online business.

Reasons why snifffr is preferred to buy used panties online

The sellers and buyers can create accounts for free. Premium accounts are charged a set fee per month. What doesn’t matter is the number of time you use to sell or buy used panties online.

On snifffr, your identity is kept secret for both the seller and the buyer.