How to Make Money Selling Worn Panties

Are you broke because of one reason or another? You don't need to be financially incapacitated anymore when you have this great business idea in your mind. Selling worn panties can be relatively lucrative business with many number of buyers globally. The buyers are interested in these panties for various reasons. For example, some have a rare fetish for sniffing panties that have been worn. Others just want to contribute towards the efforts to conserve the environment by acquiring these pants that would otherwise be discarded carelessly by their owners, posing a huge threat to the environment. They would thereafter recycle the undergarments for other useful purposes.
Tips to sell Worn Panties
Using the clever tips below can help make your business of selling panties that have been worn thrive and become relatively successful, putting more money in your pocket;

1. Your Prices Need to Be Reasonable

The biggest mistake you can ever make in the business of selling worn pants is allowing greed to get the best of you. If you want to sell effectively, the prices you advertise must not be higher than the market values of your pieces of merchandise. Remember that your target buyers are smart enough to know the market values of those pieces.

2. Talk Nicely to Your Clients

Some people can be quite persistent by asking many questions that don't end up in a sale. For example, they will ask you questions about your best price offering, whether or not there are any other extra charges, the shortest duration of time possible within which you can ship, and so on, only to go mute after you have answered all of their questions. Sure, this habit can be quite frustrating, and energy-draining to say the least.

But no matter how bad you feel about it, don't let your emotions get the best of you and push away your clients. Just keep talking nicely to all clients, responding to all of their queries in a professional manner because. Remember that being harsh to customers will only hurt your business further. By remaining polite and addressing your clients (even those who seem to be jokers), you can be sure to win the hearts of more clients in the long-run.

3. Open Yourself Up to Negotiations

Don't be too rigid with your prices if you want to make more selling worn panties. Many clients will ask you for a breakdown despite seeing your best prices as indicated in the ads. And with this COVID-19-triggered global economic crisis, it means consumers' purchasing powers diminish. With that in mind, if you are not willing to negotiate your prices with buyers, it will be challenging for you to sell worn panties.

4. Sell Quality Stuff

Good things sell themselves easily. Bad things have to be advertised harder in order to sell. Even if there are people out there who are obsessed with buying worn panties, it doesn't mean that you should go about putting up just any panties that you've worn for sale. Post only the panties that are still in mint conditions despite those having been worn.

5. Cold Call Even the Clients Who've Bought from You

Don't just post your items and sit back waiting for buyers to contact you. Be aggressive by doing cold calling potential and existing clients who've purchased your merchandise before. Reach out to them with new deals or offers via private message or online chat because this strategy works. If the client doesn't order another batch right away, they will at least promise to do so soon enough.

6.Post or Repost Your Merchandise Frequently

It is a good idea to post or repost the panties you sell frequently on snifffr. That is very important because when buyers search for undergarments on here, the system works in such a manner that it will display the items that were posted or reposted most recently. With that in mind, you can make sure that your merchandise features at the top of all the postings found on the platform by posting or reposting as many times as you can. That will definitely bring you more buyers, making sure that you make more.

Snifffr is an incredible platform for buyers and sellers of worn panties. There are thousands of buyers on this website who are looking to buy these undergarments, making it a treasure trove for sellers like you. The site gives buyers the choice for many types of worn panties, including male panties and female ones. Anybody who is over 18 years old can buy or sell stuff here. Furthermore, it lets both parties finalize a deal, using online chat or private message. What's more, sellers who put in the greatest efforts get rewarded for more sales!