How to Sell Dirty Knickers For Money

If you want to make extra money, one of the best ways to do so is by selling dirty knickers online. Many people believe this is a different thing to do, but in reality, it can be quite profitable if you can attract the right type of buyers. Plus, there are a lot of people out there who love to buy used underwear, so if you can tap into the right market, then you are sure to make some money. 

But why do people buy dirty knickers?

It all starts with fantasies. Many people have a fetish for dirty underwear - they enjoy the feeling of worn underwear, as it has some special scent to it. This is something that appeals to many people's sexual side and allows them to express it in a way that is enjoyable for both sides.

Another reason people buy dirty knickers online is that they like the idea of purchasing items used by someone else. There is a sense of mystery and intrigue surrounding this idea since you never honestly know what kind of wear the knickers has seen or how long it has been worn.

For some people, this is part of the allure and can actually be a turn-on. The thought of acquiring a used pair of knickers from a stranger turns them on. It is part of the fetish and a variation on the foot-fetish concept, where others enjoy having their feet massaged or kissed by strangers.

You might be surprised how many men and women are willing to buy used knickers online.

Where to sell dirty knickers online

There are a few different platforms that you can use to sell dirty underwear online. But there is one that stands out from the others:

snifffr is a marketplace specifically designed for buying and selling used underwear, making it an ideal place to set up your dirty knickers business. The website lists several secondhand underwear products, and also gives you the option to list your own.

 Get started on snifffr, simply create an account, add your used underwear listings to the marketplace, and start selling. The best part is there are no commissions. 

And since it's a popular used knickers community, you're sure to find buyers quickly. So why not give snifffr a try today and start making money from your dirty knickers?

You can make a few dollars by selling dirty knickers online. You might even make this your full-time business if you find the right buyers and build a loyal customer base. If you put in more effort, you get rewarded with more sales.

It gets better; here, you have the freedom to discuss the best payment method with your clients. Once the buyer makes an order, you can suggest the most convenient payment method, such as Venmo, Cash App, or other platforms that allow adult-site payments.

How to Get Started on snifffr

Setting your account up on snifffr to sell dirty knickers is easy and free. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Go to snifffr and click on "Sign Up." You will be asked for some personal details, including your name, email address, and password.
  2. Once you signup, log in and head to your profile to set it up. You can upload photos and videos from your gallery, fill out your profile details, and add items to your store. You want to keep it real, as we have a system of reporting fake profiles and posts. So no catfish or copy-catting, or you will get banned.
  3. Once you have completed your profile, you can start interacting with other sellers and buyers using live chat or private messaging features. This is the feature buyers will use to get more details about the used knickers, and you get to share some other products you may have, like dirty panties, videos, and audio that might interest the buyer. This is a great way to increase your sales and build a network of contacts in the dirty knickers-selling community.
  4. To start selling dirty knickers, you will need to upload the used knickers image and give a small description. This can be how long you have worn the used knickers and their odor. Also, you need to add the price for each dirty pair of underwear. Depending on where you sell the knickers, you can put a minimum or maximum price.
  5. Remember to set up a way to discretely ship your used knickers to the customer. Most sellers use a reliable shipping company and use the buyers' address as the return address. Make sure the customer knows ahead of time so there is no confusion. Shipping your used panties can feel a little daunting at first, but as long as you take the right precautions, it's actually easy and convenient. Always ship your panties in a discreet, unmarked envelope or box, so the recipient knows nothing about what's inside.

You can sell used knickers online and make a few dollars. That's no longer a secret. And snifffr has made it easy for you. All you need is signup up and upload your merchandise, and you can start selling online.