Interested in Used Women’s Panties?

The used panties business has gained massive traction over the years, with online websites and stores popping up all over the internet. Although this might seem unorthodox to some, the used panties business often allows the involved individuals, more so the buyers, to fulfill their desires, such as sexual fetishes. On the other hand, sellers also often have an opportunity to boost their sexuality and confidence, earn some money, and engage those with free time on their hands.

Many people around the world have used panty fetishes. This is usually associated with individuals who use the panties to sexually relieve themselves through masturbation or sniffing for the panty wearer’s unique scent. Both men and women are always involved, although men usually dominate the buyer groups while women dominate the seller groups.

Snifffr has been in the market space for quite a while, offering a safe platform to buy and sell used panties. This online community has grown over the years to accommodate a good number of buyers and sellers, making it an ideal platform to acquire any used panties you desire.

How to get started on snifffr

Creating an account on snifffr is usually simple for both buyers and sellers. For instance, the sellers are usually required to abide by the following steps to ensure they have the best experience in our community. As such, sellers should;

Fill out their profile details

This usually entails personal identifying information such as a chosen name, a short description about you such as hobbies, and the types of services you offer. This section allows you to express yourself as you see fit, whether as a reserved or naughty personality.

Upload photos/videos to their gallery

Once visible on their profiles, individual and enticing photos of the seller will always facilitate an interactive interface where the buyer can sample the merchandise by assessing the seller’s products. As such, this is usually a crucial step as the pictures will determine buyer traffic to your profile.

You should also set up your profile picture at this stage. This will increase your chances of accessing and selling more within the platform. Nevertheless, uploading one’s face is usually optional, however, such photos/videos may create some confidence from buyers and thus increase traffic in your profile. 

Upload items to their store

Snifffr allows the sellers to set up a store full of the merchandise being sold i.e the used panty varieties. This will allow the buyers easy access to your business and thus smooth experience and transaction.

How snifffr works

Once you have properly set up your profile with all the necessary details, you are ready to begin transacting by engaging with the buyers. As such, we provide a live online chat platform where sellers can engage with the buyers through private messaging.

The private messaging option is usually a great way to reach out to potential buyers and further lure them towards your panty collection. As such, sellers utilize this platform to engage buyers, thus allowing both parties to get to know each other. Therefore, initiating a conversation will ensure that each party is conversant with each individuals needs before any transactions are made. Through these conversations, a new trustworthy relationship could be forged, creating a return client who frequently comes back for more used panties, subsequently improving individual sales. Therefore, it is important to engage with as many buyers as possible and understand their desires because the more effort utilized, the higher the sales and profits.

Snifffr also features an ADD FRIEND option in the profile section. This entails adding buyers to your friends list on the site as a way to ease repeat transactions with similar buyers.

Payment of purchased panties

Buyers and sellers usually have the leeway to negotiate through the private messaging feature until they reach an agreement about payment method and shipping details. We always provide a fast and efficient payment method through the snifffr escrow feature, which is usually safe and secure.

Nevertheless, in case of a transactional problem, buyers and sellers are usually allowed to resolve such issues individually through conversing on solutions on the private messaging feature. However, a failed understanding may warrant filling out a support form available in the contacts section to facilitate mediation efforts by our community through support staff.


The shipment of the purchased used panties from snifffr is usually dependent on the agreements reached by the buyer and the seller. As such, once financial transactions are completed and purchased panties confirmed, it is upon the seller to package them accordingly and ship them to the buyer’s address.

The shipment cost will also depend upon an agreement between the parties. Subsequently, since most of the sellers prefer anonymity, the buyer's address is also usually used as the return address in most of these shipments, further guaranteeing the safety of snifffr users.

Legitimacy and authenticity of snifffr

Many would wonder if the profiles within our community are legit and pictures/videos provided authentic, given the ease with which an individual could just upload fake information to garner more buyers. We have a fake check feature that sellers must pass to authenticate their profiles. As such, as a buyer, when perusing through the profiles, you should try and deal with those that have passed the Fake Check and thus legitimately allowed to sell to our community.

Snifffr is among the best used women’s panties website. It is designed with impressive features which allow for easy registration, log-in, marketing, and transactional processes, among others, for both the buyers and the sellers. Therefore, if you are looking to make some side money or fulfill your desires, we offer a great platform.