Looking for Advice on How To Sell Used Panties on snifffr?

What is snifffr?

snifffr is an online community of folks that buy and sell used panties. You can also sell other products like bras, nylons, thigh high stockings, along with sexting and webcams. As long as it has to do with anything related to panties it will sell. We allow you to sell anonymously, but you may choose to give your name and/or email address to others in the community. We allow this to be done easily. If you're looking to sell used panties then you are in the right community marketplace to do so, we have thousands of buyers here on snifffr and that is great for those of you selling used panties. So if you keep up your inventory often and refresh your pictures/videos in your gallery regularly, this will increase your chacnes and usually will result in repeat buyers. You must be 18 or older to use this site.

What's the Cost?

To sign up for a basic sellers account (or buyers) is free of charge. You can also upgrade to a premium account at any time, which you will need to use the live chat and private message features. The premium account is a flat monthly fee no matter how many sales you make. Besides getting access to live chat and private message, you also get to add unlimited items in your store, which will attract more buyers. You also get the private content subscription feature with premium, this is where you can really make a few extra bucks!

Sellers Info

Now that you've signed up and have your account let's go fill out your profile details. When telling about yourself it's always good to discuss some hobbies and what you enjoy doing. 

Buyers can relate if they have the same interests and that leads to sales (just a little tip). You then want to upload your used panties and other items for sale to your personal store. Go view buyers and start up a chat with them through online chat or private messaging. Then get a sale, finalize it, decide on and arrange your preferred payment method (more on that later), which can be whatever you like. Some of the sellers will accept items from Amazon as payment. You need an Amazon account, add items you want to your wish list, you and the buyer agree on which item and then continue the transaction. Once you receive your payment from the method of the agreement you will ship the item to the buyer. It is a good idea to put the buyer's address as the return address if you wish to stay anonymous. Also, you should not ship the item until you have received the payment. 

You may also choose to accept snifffr coins as payment also. The buyer purchasea coins from us and pays you with the coins. Keep in mind that when deciding on payment type that PayPal will not accept transactions from "adult based content", which includes the selling of used panties. Snifffr does not get involved in the transactions, that is between the seller and the buyer. The only time we will interfere is if a problem arises and a mediator is needed. We also charge you no fees, you keep what you make.

Private Content Section

Okay sellers now let's talk about the Private Content Section. This is where you upload pictures and videos and is located on your profile. The content IS NOT visible to the snifffr Community. The buyer has to subscribe to your private content section. You, the seller, charge the subscriber for access to your private content and you set the price. You sell the access for 1,3 or 6-month subscriptions. Little hint, you may want to offer a discount or run a "special" on the 3 and 6-month access, this way you can get more money upfront. To make more money with the private content you should upload new videos and pictures regularly. 

The more content you have the longer the subscriber will be your customer. Be sure to send your subscribers private messages to let them know you've uploaded new content. Go and chat on the online chat or send a private message to possible subscribers. It is the same as if contacting possible used panties buyers only you're getting them to buy a subscription instead of used panties. You can also lure them by uploading "teaser" pics and videos to your profile, but keep in mind that these are visible to everyone on snifffr. Payment for your private content subscription is paid to you with snifffr coins (see "how coins work" on the website). The subscriber purchases coins from us and uses them to pay you, you cash out the coins from us. You do need a premium account to use the private content section. Once you have a subscriber(s) you aren't allowed to downgrade or delete your account. This guarantees the subscriber that he will keep access to your private content for the time amount he purchased.

Sell Anonymously

We here at snifffr take keeping your identity anonymous as our responsibility, so your email, name and any other details you give us will not be given out. If you wish to give your name and email to others in the community, we allow you to easily do this. Your birthdate will be given on your profile as many buyers want to know the age of the woman who's used panties they are buying - this is important for selling used panties. And your country will be shown on profile too since many buyers purchase from sellers in the same country to keep shipping cost low.


Postage for the shipping of the worn panties is to be arranged between the two parties. It's always a good idea to include the postage in the price of the item, agreed upon by both the seller and buyer. Or you can offer free shipping and you cover the shipping cost. Keep in mind that you can run a special for buying a certain amount or # of items, free shipping of first purchase for new customers. Get creative to draw that buyer in and then keep them coming back!