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Not a New Fantasy

Sniffing dirty panties is a fetish that has existed for many years, with many men and women craving the sexual scent of used panties.

Thanks to the internet, panty sniffers can now indulge in their wildest fetishes without resorting to rummaging through hampers at the launderette.

Why It’s So Popular to Sell Dirty Panties

Many people have an active sexual fantasy that includes more than just a picture of a man/ woman they are fantasising about.

That’s one of the reasons why there is such a big marketplace for people wanting to sell dirty panties – used panties can bring an added dimension to a sexual fantasy and make it much more realistic.

Stretching Fantasies Further

With the internet making pornography more easily accessible than ever, more and more people are looking for something new and exciting; a (not so) fresh way of adding extra fun and thrills to their sexual lives.

People who sell used panties can fill that desire and awaken a new-found sexual satisfaction in themselves.

The Forbidden Fruit of Sniffing panties

Men and women enjoy sniffing dirty panties for a variety of reasons, one of the first being the fact that the scent of someone else’s panties is a relatively taboo subject. Men and women sometimes consider a partner’s panties as something that they are allowed to touch and see, but rarely sniff.

A man or woman can indulge in all the incredible smells, textures and visuals of panties worn by someone who is willing to sell dirty panties to cater to their sexual fetish.

You Can Do More than Sell Dirty Panties

Many people who sell dirty panties also include a piece of evidence, such as an image or a video of them wearing the used panties.

These kinds of added extras can create a sense of closeness and added heightened sexual satisfaction between the person wishing to sell dirty panties and the person who buys them.

How Do You Sell Dirty Panties?

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