Sell Dirty Panties: How to Stay on Top of the Game

Dirty underwear fetishism is a fetish involving panties/knickers that someone else has worn. Some buyers experience sexual excitement from sniffing, while others prefer to wear or observe someone else in them. If you’re considering starting this business or already in it and are looking for extra tips to maximize your sales, here are some notable qualities you must have.

Be aggressive

Like any other business venture, aggressiveness makes your buyers know your products exist and they’ll get value for their money. However, you shouldn’t confuse aggressiveness with being annoying. Most buyers don’t like sellers who rub their products in their faces even when they’re doing something else.

Aggressiveness starts by marketing your brand and packaging your content in the right way. Even if you’ve already landed loyal buyers, it’s important to remind them that they’re normal and shouldn’t feel embarrassed because you’re also comfortable with your line of venture. If a buyer declines your product or leaves a bad review, handle their concerns or complaints like a professional.

Be professional

The dirty panty business has sellers trying to outdo each other. One thing that any successful seller will tell you is that professionalism is the order of the day. Responding to chats, availing the products on time and allowing your buyers to leave reviews is important.

For example, if a buyer doesn’t like your product, ask them how they want theirs to be. As long as their requests don’t compromise your business integrity, there’s no harm in learning from your mistakes and correcting them.

Be honest

So, if a buyer makes a request like asking you out on a date and you don’t feel like it, decline it respectfully. Doing that makes your clients trust you and choose your products because you’re honest.

On matters of honesty, your clients want more than the tangible product. They also want to know you in person and other information like how you started your business and how it makes you feel. The easiest way to fill them in on your persona is creating a profile and talking about it. If you don’t feel like revealing your identity, tell them why. It’ll surprise you how many people will understand your reasons for doing so.

Be active in used panties selling platforms

The easiest way to make your presence known is by being active in legit used panty websites like snifffr. While here, you’ll meet other sellers and buyers all of whom are interested in panty sniffing business. If someone raises a topic, leave a comment but make sure it doesn’t violate community standards.

The perks that come with selling through a platform are many. These include market visibility, access to tips for selling and legit payment methods like Venmo and Google Wallet. Also, it helps you understand other sellers’ reasons for choosing it as a main or side hustle.

Be open to challenges

One thing to keep in mind when investing in this type of business is that things can get harder than you’d expect. For example, a buyer may leave a bad review even if they received what they requested. In such a case, it’s vital to reach out to the buyer to find out why they weren’t satisfied.

Another challenge you may encounter is low sales. Like any other business, panty selling also has its highs and lows. You might not land a sale this week, but that doesn’t speak for other weeks. The trick is not to raise your hopes so high that anything pointing to the opposite makes you want to quit.

Be consistent

The last thing any buyer wants is liking a product only to discover the seller is out of reach. Staying offline for 24 hours is okay, but if it extends to more than that, your clients might declare you inconsistent. How do you expect them to trust you’ll deliver the product on time if your live chat service is always offline?

Even if dirty panties selling is your side hustle and may need to take a break online to concentrate on other obligations, there’s no excuse for being constantly offline. The world literally depends on the internet to make things happen. If you want out of the business, it's best if you deactivate your profile and make your clients know about it.

Wrap Up

Selling dirty panties is not for the faint of heart. Besides being honest, you need to put your level of professionalism to the next level. Also, aggressive marketing can also increase your online presence, helping you land high sales. As you keep doing what you love the best, which in this case is used panties selling, make sure you’re consistent. When you combine all these qualities, the only thing to worry about is customizing unique content to boost your profile’s visibility.