Sell Worn Knickers To Earn Extra Income

Are you wondering where to take your used fetish knickers? Worry no more! At snifffr, we offer a free place for people to sell and purchase used panties, knickers, and underwear. We are a marketplace for used underwear, fetish, and dirty panties. This guide will show you how you can successfully sell and buy your used panties, dirty knickers, and fetish wear on snifffr.

Useful Steps About Selling Worn Knickers

Step 1: Create a free Seller Account at snifffr

To sell worn knickers, you must be a registered seller. To register as a seller, complete the registration process by providing your details. Here is what you will need to provide:

  • Display name: This will be the name you will use on the site. It will help hide your original seller identity and be displayed to others as your profile name. This is for your privacy.
  • Your age 
  • Email address: Your email address will not be visible on the site. 
  • Password: This will be the password you will use to log into your account.
  • And more 

Step 2: Upload sexy panties to your shop

Once you have completed the registration process, you can browse the site. You can add items to your shop and sell your used panties online.

To upload an item, simply navigate to a page that lets you add an item. Remember to choose the category for this case, "Worn Knickers."

Step 3: Connect with the potential buyers

Once the item has been added, it will be listed on our marketplace. This means that the item is now available for viewers to see. Next is to connect with potential buyers through the chat feature, which enables sending of private messages.

Step 4: Share information with a willing buyer

After you have connected with a buyer, you should obtain their address, payment method, and expected time you will deliver the worn knickers. Always remember to be anonymous as much as possible and share only the needed information.

Step 5.Complete the sale

After you have connected with the buyer and both agreed on a price for your knickers and delivery date, you should confirm the payment. Discuss with the buyer who will pay the delivery fees. 

Step 6: Grow your online business

As you complete more transactions, you will be able to grow your business by

selling more worn knickers and developing yourself as a seller.

Why snifffr is a great place to sell worn knickers

snifffr is the world's fastest-growing, and most fun community for fulfilling all your fetish needs, such as selling used panties, worn knickers, and dirty panties. Here are some of the reasons why most people use snifffr:

  • Find what they want quicker: At snifffr, many buyers want worn knickers and used panties.
  • The option to remain anonymous. 
  • Support: snifffr gives you access to excellent customer support, which can help you solve your problems if they arise during your business dealings with another member.  So if there is a problem, our support team can come to your aid quickly and easily, without any fuss.
  • Private message feature: This unique feature allows you to interact with other sellers by letting you send private messages to them.  
  • Community: You can sell your used panties and knickers easily through our community in a completely safe, secure, and anonymous way. 
  • We offer an easy-to-use interface: our site is very easy to navigate for sellers and buyers.


  • Is it a Must to Upload my Profile Picture?
    • A personal picture is not mandatory. If you choose to use a personal image, this will be the image that buyers see when they chat with you or view your profile. However, if you choose to keep your identity anonymous and hide behind the mask of a display name, then we do not require that you upload an image.
  • Is there any Specific Time Limit to make a deal?
    • There is no time limit for the deals. You can take your time and conclude purchasing or selling your used panties whenever you are ready. 

Selling worn knickers is very popular all over the world. With the help of snifffr, you can easily sell your used panties and worn knickers with the help of a secure payment service. This means that you will get to enjoy total anonymity. Visit the website register immediately and start selling today!