Selling and Buying Soiled Panties

Kinky sexual activity or desire must be out of the ordinary in order to be characterised as kinky. There is nothing wrong with being cheeky nowadays. Buying and selling soiled panties has grown in leaps and bounds recently. 

What Is a Used Panty Fetish?

You're probably wondering what a fetish for wearing underwear is. It does what it says on the tin. Sexual excitement happens when a person with this fetish sees, feels, or smells previously worn panties. It is not regarded as a paraphilia desire, despite the fact that most people would not discuss it publicly.  

Underwear Fetishism in All of Its Forms


The most frequently reported underwear obsession among friends, in erotica, and in the mainstream media is the preoccupation with collecting new or soiled underwear. This kind of underwear fetish might include either a man or a woman admiring their own or another person's underpants. Panty fetishists like the smooth and sensuous feel of the fabric used to produce panties, as well as the thinner design that exposes more of the body and the scent.

In reality, scent plays a significant role in underwear obsessions. Because of the fetish's popularity, a substantial business has sprung up around buying and selling old underwear online, which is classified based on its odor, days worn, excretions/excrement on it, and the original wearer's demographic information. This enables the sniffer to form a personal relationship with the user since they can sense something about them that few others can: their fragrance. 

Certain guys thrive on the prospect of being caught in their underwear, which is part of an exhibitionist fetish. Finally, like with any fetish, many people find the idea of doing something forbidden intriguing.


Wearing stockings may stimulate a guy because of their tightness, the transparent fabric that shows what is under the undergarment, the fact that pantyhose or stockings cover the feet or the smooth sensation of sliding on a delicate fabric.

Certain belt styles, such as open-toed, closed-toed, high-waisted, and garter belts, as well as specific colors, patterns, and designs, fall into this fetish category. It is normal to include pantyhose or stockings in the sex act.

A male who loves wearing pantyhose or stockings, on the other hand, does not necessarily desire to be a woman or is a transvestite. Of course, there are exceptions, but this is a conversation about gender, not about underwear.


Jockstrap fetishes are common among athletes, heterosexual males, and people who like the fragrance of a worn jockstrap. A person with this tendency may often wish to display their physique by wearing a new or worn jockstrap. Because of the design of a jockstrap, the wearer may feel both exposed and covered. Because jockstraps are often worn by athletes, they are unconsciously associated with fit, athletic bodies in our thoughts. Because many people strive to be or be with someone who has a sexually fit physique, this connection becomes sexual. A fondness for jockstraps may be found in men of all sexual orientations; the preference is not gender-specific.

Another probable draw is the aroma of a jockstrap, particularly an old one. Sweat and odor on the cloth bring back the mental image of an exposed athletic physique. Sniffing a worn jockstrap is similar to smelling pantyhose in that it connects the nose to the garment's closeness.


Fabrics are often the root of undergarment obsessions. Soft, rough, lacy, transparent, dark, brilliant, smooth, or anything else-all of these qualities appeals to various individuals and may elicit pleasure.


Collecting underwear is a more modest kind of underwear fetishism that comes more under the category of accessories than pure fetishism. The act of acquiring or gathering a great range of new or old underwear for the purpose of wearing or appreciating them is simply referred to as "collecting." They may acquire a collection of specific sorts, styles, or colors (e.g., briefs, thongs, jockstraps, panties, and so forth).


History of Soiled or Used Panties

It is far more popular than you think. If you think such a preoccupation is impossible, you may be astonished to hear that there is an entire business dedicated to it. It all began in Japan with the establishment of burusera stores. Burusera stores provide school uniforms and exercise suits for young females, as well as socks, swimwear, and undergarments.

The girls sold these items to get money, which was fully legal at the time. However, in 2004, a law prohibiting the sale of underwear to females under the age of 18 required these businesses to stop selling underwear and other intimate products.

The industry, however, was far from gone. Thanks to the Internet, anyone can now purchase soiled panties online and have them delivered directly to their door. Because of the lucrative nature of the market, many women are eager to sell their worn underwear online. Because of the ease, simplicity, and anonymity involved with online purchasing, businesses are growing. snifffr is a great place to start if you want to see it for yourself.

Pre-Owned Panties for Purchase and Sale

Live chat is one of the most successful revenue-generating tools accessible to merchants. The majority of transactions take place over live chat. This is by far the most exciting part! When a buyer and seller reach an agreement, they should decide on a payment method. Snifffr suggests that you utilize the snifffr escrow function for your protection and security.

For Buyers:

After you've created an account, go through the profiles of different companies that interest you. To begin a conversation with them, use our live chat tool or send them a private message. When you're ready, go out and buy that underwear! You must also choose a payment option and enter a delivery address. The vendor will then mail the undergarments to you immediately.

For Sellers:

After you've created an account, reach out to customers that you believe may benefit from your services! To begin a conversation with them, use our live chat tool or send them a private message. When they're ready to purchase your underwear, work out a payment plan with them and give them your underwear. The package's return address should match the delivery address to ensure anonymity. Check that you have received your money before shipping the underwear. You can also sell other items like socks, bras, and other fetish items.

The Benefits of snifffr


  1. Authenticity

Certain consumers are skeptical of the merchants' and purchasers' trustworthiness. When it comes to the validity of the vendors, be sure you're dealing with people that share your values. Snifffr has chat capabilities to let buyers and sellers communicate in the most professional and honest way possible.

  1. Your Account's Profile Image

Customers are unsure if they can use their own images in their account profiles. You don't want to show your face on the account since you're selling worn underwear online, and anonymity is essential. Avatars may also be used in lieu of profile photos. Some individuals, on the other hand, like to display their faces at their leisure.

Underwear fetishes may take many forms, and we hope this article has helped you better understand them. Selling your worn underwear online may be entertaining. Enjoy the experience while earning money on our website.