Selling used panties: Expectation versus reality – and why you should consider getting into the marketplace

When you can earn money from something as easy as selling your used underwear online, it can feel like you are set for the big time.

Thoughts of getting all that extra cash zooming into your bank account may make you want to jump into seller mode immediately, sorting through your dirty panties, making piles of different categories and then deciding which ones make the cut.

You might even think: Well, how hard can it be if so many people are doing it?

The short answer to this is: It certainly is easy to start (as we are going to explain in this article) … But you need to be serious about your used panties master seller dream.

As a newbie, you might be wondering: Okay, so what do I need to remember if I want to start selling my dirty panties like a boss? This sounds like a tough gig!

The big thing is that you need to understand the difference between expectation and reality when selling used panties.

We have put together some key considerations that will help you start selling with the right mindset - and a couple of tips and tricks too.

Let’s get to it.

Expectation #1: I can sell my dirty panties on any online marketplace that I like

Reality: You first need to do a bit of research - and ensure that it is legit

Just as you would have shopped around for the underwear you bought that you want to sell now, you need to carefully review which platforms provide safe and secure selling marketplaces.

Carefully go through the terms of use information, as well as any reviews that people left online that will help you narrow down your options.

Used Panties

Also, look for things such as the variety of options that you can sell (if you want to branch out to selling more than just dirty panties) and how payments would work. Never consider a site where you need to give personal banking details that could expose sensitive data.

Make sure that the platforms you are considering are all legit, and are not doing anything shady, such as selling underaged items.

A vetted online marketplace such as snifffr is a good example of a trusted platform where several sellers have tasted success. We never allow minors to sell to buyers and we encourage our sellers to always conduct their business as safely as possible.

So, when you choose a tried and trusted online marketplace, you will certainly have an easy start selling used panties (like many of the snifffr sellers will tell you!).

Expectations #2: Any used panties will do - no matter the condition

Reality: Your buyers will be looking for certain selling points

The first thing you need to remember is that used panties need to be exactly that: USED. They should have been worn and have your signature body odour - and washing them before selling them is not what buyers want.

Also, underwear that looks like it has been through the wringer (holes, broken elastic or even tears) might not look as alluring as a pair that has been gently worn.

Think like a buyer: Would you buy any old pair of panties without giving a second thought, or would you be more inclined to buy something a bit more special?

Expectation #3: I don’t need to know much about underwear kinks

Reality: It is worth it to understand what your buyers are interested in

Now, you do not have to research the used panties kink extensively, but you need to understand what your buyers are interested in and what tickles their fancy.

For dirty panties fans, the thrill of buying used underwear is about both smell and touch. They get a kick out of the unique scents of used underwear, and being able to handle these items. In some cases, some buyers might even want to try them on.

So, having an open mindset and understanding that dirty panties are more than just dirty panties for buyers will help you create special listings.

If you are still new to the world of the underwear fetish community, you can also check out the snifffr list of articles - start with this one first - that will give you a good idea of what to keep in mind as a seller.

Expectation #4: Once I have registered on an online marketplace, I can just list my items, press go, and let business take care of itself

Reality: You are going to need to put in a tiny bit of effort

Starting with putting up the listings, you need to remember that good photos are what are going to help you be in a better position to sell items.

Model them, make them look pretty and ensure they are, above anything else, positioned as attractive as possible.

Then, once your listings are up, you need to have some time every day to chat with potential buyers. Remember, if you are a new seller, you do not have a database of buyers yet. Which means people need to get to know you first.

Now, if you want to sweeten the pot, you can provide extreme paid-for content that is always an extra win. Your buyers will love getting exclusive materials, and you can score by making extra money on top of selling your used underwear.

It might sound like a lot of effort, but at the end of the day, you decide how much time you are going to spend online connecting with buyers. There is no rule that says you have to be available 24/7 (after all, that’s just ridiculous!).

But you have to be available at least at certain times of the day and be willing to chat online with buyers to get a good idea if your used panties are what they are looking for.

Find your happy middle - such as x hours a day - and build on a little more time each day from there.

Expectation #5: I am instantly going to sell LOTS of dirty panties

Reality: Business needs to pick up first - but hang in there!

As much as you would like to, your used panties aren’t going to start flying off your listing pages immediately.

You might even feel in the beginning that you have put in so much effort, but nothing is going your way.

Here’s what you rather should do: You need to be dedicated to getting those first purchases in, and with a little patience, you will soon enough have built up a steady flow of sold items that you can keep consistent as you keep on providing striking dirty panties.

Remember, it can be easy to sell used panties, but you also need to understand that there is lots of competition in the dirty panties niche. You need to have an eye-catching set of listings and be prepared to have a lot of initial conversations with buyers.

Having said that, once you have made those first couple of sales, things will get easier - and you will know it is all worth it to be a used panties seller!

Selling used panties - it’s great and you can start without any hassle

As you can see, dirty underwear can be a fantastic consideration when you want to create extra income without even needing to leave home.

Just keep your expectations realistic, and you will soon enough enjoy every moment of being a seller!


Still need an extra bit of information? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get.

There is going to be some competition, that’s a fact for sure. But you need to remember that not every buyer is looking for the same thing. Some might prefer certain panty sizes or specific materials or even occasions when the panties were worn. So, put your unique spin on what you will be selling!
Remember that your panties need to be used - in other words, worn - otherwise, you are basically selling thrift items and not the real deal.
Not at all - it is a fetish, and thanks to online sellers, buyers can enjoy a safe shopping experience to get access to used panties and content that they will love.
As long as you understand why people are interested in buying your dirty panties and are open to chatting with buyers about what they are looking for, there is nothing standing in your way of becoming a used underwear seller.
We think snifffr is a great place to become a seller extraordinaire! Not only will you have easy access to resources and support, but we have also made our platform super easy to use.
Only sell your own used items, and never sell underage items or to underage buyers. Also, always keep your personal details safe and never divulge your personal contact number or personal postal or home address.
The market is ready and waiting - you can certainly make sales too!

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