Selling Used Underwear Anonymously and Safely Online

Selling used underwear anonymously and safely is fun and lucrative. As long as you play your cards well, you can become the best underwear seller on snifffr and convert most if not all of your used panties into money. Selling used underwear on snifffr is simple and convenient. It only requires you have an active account, you be an active member, and keep uploading more underwear photos and videos to your shop every so often.

Reasons Selling Used Underwear On Snifffr Pays

Rather than dumbing or storing the panties you no longer use, you can post them on snifffr and earn some money. snifffr has the simplest user-interface ever. You don’t need to have any technical or web navigation skills to upload your used underwear for sale on snifffr and make some money. All you need is to locate the signup icon, fill in all your personal information, and confirm your email to activate your account to start selling. Interestingly, snifffr does not have a sale limit so you can upload and sell as many panties as you want each day.

How to Make More Selling Used Underwear

The trick to selling more on snifffr is simple. Once you have uploaded enough sexy panties to your shop, head to the message or live chat board and start chatting to potential buyers. The sexy pantie buyers at snifffr want you to give them real reasons why your panties are the best and the only best way to do this is to get into their inboxes and persuade them to try your panties. Waiting for willing buyers to come looking for you can still work but it often takes long.

Selling Used Underwear By Taking Advantage of New Buyers

snifffr gives you the opportunity to make every new member a potential customer. The social community page on snifffr has an activity feed where you can see all the new pantie buyers. Make the most of the activity feed by ensuring that you chat with every new buyer who signups with snifffr. Do not just talk to them. Give them convincing reasons why they should buy your used underwear.

Describe Your Used Panties

Uploading videos and photos of your used underwear for sale is not enough. Selling used underwear on snifffr also requires giving your products a description. Whether videos or photos, you must describe them properly as this will give potential buyers a reason to give you a chat to know more about the products you are offering.

Know Your Target Customers

Used panties are a fetish that has been growing quickly over the years. snifffr makes it easier for customers and meet with sellers and transact safely. However, as a seller, you need to realize that every buyer who signups on snifffr has their preferences when it comes to used panties. Just like in every other business, you must understand your customers and their preferences so that you can deliver to their expectations.