Six Easy Ways to Be a Top Buyer of Used Underwear

When the world went into lockdown due to Covid-19, knitting and baking weren’t the only hobbies that took off in a big way. The used underwear market also experienced an upsurge in visitors looking to try something new. While it’s not the type of hobby you’re likely to see on morning TV or your favorite actor’s Instagram, you’d be surprised at how many online marketplaces are dedicated to buying and selling worn panties.

If you’re reading this, it means you’re at least a little curious about how it all works. So let’s explore together. In this article, we’ll discuss what it means to be a good buyer of used underwear. A lot of blogs already cover where to start an online marketplace and how to advertise worn panties for sale but we think knowing how to be a respectful buyer is just as important.

Tips for becoming a top-rated buyer of used underwear and other kink-related products

Snifffr is a Community

If you’re new to buying used underwear, it might seem strange that the word ‘community’ is used so often in these marketplaces. But you only need to spend a little time with snifffr to understand why. Our used underwear website and other platforms like it provide lots of ways for members to chat, trade pics, browse profiles, send DMs, add friends and personalize their experience.

Not everybody you meet in life will understand or support your kink but here, there’s no judgment. The first step to being a top buyer is realizing this is a safe space. Respect its members and you’ll never find another community like it. That means following the rules, using good online etiquette and remembering our sellers are regular people with a hobby or side hustle just like you.

Be Honest About Your Intentions

The simplest way to a great experience on snifffr or another used underwear marketplace is just being honest. Our sellers put a lot of time and effort into posting and promoting their worn panties for sale. Most are happy to chat with prospective buyers and some will even share pictures but they do so with the expectation of making a sale.

If you’ve got no intention of buying from a seller, think carefully before you engage them in conversation. Is there something else you’re interested in buying from them (socks, photos, pantyhose, etc)? Maybe you don’t have the money now but you’re keen to buy their used panties in the near future? Be honest. Be respectful. If you go round asking for freebies, you’ll find yourself on a lot of sellers’ blacklists.


No Always Means No

We encourage our worn underwear buyers and sellers to use the platform as a social space. That’s why we have friends and favourites lists, customizable online storefronts, messageboards, DMs, live chat functions and more. A lot of our sellers like to chat and get acquainted with their best customers. Some see chatting and messaging with buyers as a valuable part of the process of having worn panties for sale.

Some others feel differently. Not every seller will want to chat or DM you and that’s their prerogative. Naturally, the most successful used underwear sellers are those who spend time socializing with and creating a personal connection to their customers. These top sellers make buying an unforgettable experience. But everybody is different. If a seller does not wish to communicate with you, accept it and move on. No always means no.

Be Upfront When Shopping Around

Custom requests are permitted on snifffr but they may not be on all used underwear platforms. Always read the rules before signing up. If you’re after something specific, find a suitable seller and start a conversation. Our sellers operate their own stores, add their own products and pick their own prices. All requests should be made directly to them.

It’s common and mostly acceptable to shop around for a custom item. You might want to ask two or three sellers about, say, a particular type or length of panty wear. Maybe there’s a particular brand you like and want them to use for the custom request. If you’re shopping around, try to be upfront. Let the sellers know you’re undecided so they can decide whether they want to ‘compete’ for your custom.

Keep Kik Requests In Your Pocket

There are no rules against our sellers and buyers moving their conversations to other messaging platforms such as Kik or Whatsapp. We’d rather you didn’t because we can’t moderate over there (or keep you safe) but we’re all grown-ups and it’s your right to choose. Just know a lot of our used underwear sellers view Kik requests as suspicious for these reasons. Some will shut chats down immediately if buyers ask for external contact details.

Again, it all depends on the seller. Everybody is different. To avoid shutdowns and seller blacklists, don’t ask for Kik, Whatsapp or other contact details unless you’ve been communicating with a seller for a long time or they have mentioned it themselves. If a seller does bring it up, ask them directly about their intentions. Some sell DMs and photos over Kik and other messaging apps. It’s never a bad idea to ask questions and make sure you understand what you’re getting into.

Never Ever Kink Shame

There are rules here at snifffr. Our members are expected to behave politely, respect one another and report behavior they think is problematic or concerning. At the same time, we operate a flexible marketplace where members are encouraged to establish unique identities and indulge in safe, consensual fantasies.

If you see something that’s not for you, just move on. There’s never a good reason to kink shame or make another user feel embarrassed about a legal interest that doesn’t break any rules. The community is successful because it’s a place that’s free of judgment. Whether you’re browsing worn panties for sale, buying used bras or commissioning something extra special just for you, it’s all good man. You’re in the right place.