Start Making Money Selling Used Underwear Online Today

Selling used underwear is an easy and quick way to make money online nowadays. For your information, sniffing at women's underwear is a huge sexual fetish for many men out there. In research that was recently conducted by Italian researchers, involving 5000 individuals with different sexual fetishes, 12% of the candidates indicated profound underwear/panty fetishism! 

There Is Nothing Wrong In Selling Used Underwear

Have tons of used underwear in your wardrobe that you have no idea what to do with? Here a great idea; list them on snifffr and wait for buyers to start flooding your inbox. By the way, it is a noble thing to do as it helps conserve the environment.  

For your information, the chemicals that are used on clothes like dye can cause profound damage to the environment by leaking chemicals into the ground when used  clothing ends up in landfills. Plus, some undergarments are made from non-biodegradable fabrics such as nylon, polyester, rayon, and spandex. 

The Process of Selling Used Underwear on snifffr  

I am sure by now you have a burning question, which is; how do I start selling used underwear on snifffr? To be able to list your worn panties and wait for buyers to contact you, you will first need to sign up to become a snifffr seller. Here is how to begin:

  • Go to snifffr and click "Sign Up Free" under "How Do I Sell Used Panties'.
  • Fill out the form with your details, including your username, password, birth details and country. Then confirm you are 18 years and above before clicking on the pink button below that says "Complete Sign up". 
  • Once your account is active, complete your profile by entering the necessary details and uploading a few photos or videos showing your gorgeous self. 
  • Then you can start selling used underwear by posting photos and details of those, including prices. Buyers may then contact you via private message.
  • You may upgrade to premium membership to grow your business for a small monthly fee. This enables you to set up your own online store and use the live online chat and private message.

Advantages of Selling Used Underwear on snifffr  

  1. Easy, quick and free sign up — as you can see, the sign up procedure is a breeze. All you have to do is go to the website, click the sign up button, enter few necessary details and you are good to go. No complicated steps whatsoever. Plus, the process is completely free. You will only need to part with a small monthly fee if you wish to take your used underwear business a notch higher. With that amount, you get to upgrade to premium membership, which gives you access to all the tools you can use to improve your sales. 
  2. Complete privacy — nobody will see your personal details like email address, age, country, etc. Clients will only be able to see your username and the contents you uploaded. Sales are completed anonymously!
  3. No intermediary or transaction fees — all payments are made to the seller directly. No intermediaries, which eliminates the cost of selling used underwear on here (unless you use snifffr coins). Once you receive a payment, you may ship the ordered panties directly to the buyer through the post. 
  4. You get to make quick money selling used underwear. The demand for used underwear is quite high on this platform with many ready buyers. Sniffing used underwear from gorgeous models is a major obsession for many men and even some women who are attracted to ladies. And there is no better place they know where they can obtain used underwear than snifffr. So, once you sign up and upgrade to a premium membership, you can sit back and wait for orders to start trickling in!

Final Thoughts on selling used underwear 

Now that you know what to do with your used panties, do you have a plan with them? Are you going to start selling used underwear snifffr? Are you going to share this wonderful idea to make money, with a friend?

There are many other benefits you enjoy when joining snifffr. This includes free registration, staying anonymous, freedom of choice, wide selection and great opportunities.