Steps to Selling Used Panties

If you are planning to venture into the used panties selling business or you are new to it, there are many things you ought to know. Although some achieve success through trial and error, this may not work for you. Many sellers who advertise used panties for sale are doing this to earn extra income. However, some are doing it on a full-time basis. It’s entirely up to you how you choose to run this business. 

Although trial and error is what most people in this business rely on, it is not an efficient method. You can achieve sales by following proven strategies. This guide will help you to get your journey into used panties going quicker, whether you are a veteran or a newbie. You need to know everything from choosing the right platform to determining the shipping process and know the mistakes to avoid. These are the steps you should follow:

Select Your Platform

The truth is that there are several platforms you can use to sell your used panties. However, it would be better to go to trusted platforms such as snifffr. That is because many users have generated a lot of revenue selling their used panties on this platform. After selecting your platform, you need to check its rules and regulations. In this way, you can know what is expected of you.


Most sites are offering used panties for sale charge sellers a small fee to list their dirty panties. However, you can also find free options such as classified sites, but those sites do not do anything to promote your products. Moreover, they have a limited audience, and your dirty panties cannot get the exposure they deserve.

Therefore, you should consider industry leaders. Although they charge subscriptions where you pay a monthly fee to list your dirty panties, you can be assured of adequate exposure. Some sellers are put off by the subscription price. However, you should consider this as an investment as you start your business. How much will it cost you to create a website and start promoting it?

Understand Your Audience

When you join a platform such as snifffr, you will find that they have buyers already. It can be quite difficult to find buyers by yourself who want to purchase dirty panties. How can you tell whether the platform you choose has a huge audience? Ideally, you need to consider different factors that can help you judge your traffic to the site and audience.

For instance, you can check their social media pages to see whether they are updated daily. Also, you should look at the number of sellers the platform has. Avoid sites with a few sellers as they imply there are only a few buyers.


You should note that the business of used panties for sale is quite tricky. That is because guidelines vary from one platform to another. Moreover, there is not enough information available and sellers have lots of questions unanswered. As a seller, you need answers to your questions, and the platform you choose should provide those answers. When you contact customer support, you should get a prompt response with detailed information. At snifffr, our support team works 7 days a week to ensure sellers questions are answered quickly. 

Build Your Profile

In this case, your profile is like your shop. Think of signing up as building your brick and mortar store for selling dirty panties. Check the impression you need to leave and what your customers must-see. Since this is your business, you have to put adequate effort and time to it to be successful. Some of the details you may ask to provide may not make sense at first, but they are meant to help you reach your target audience.

When selecting your username, avoid using your real name. After creating the account, you should edit your profile and write some background information about you. Remember that your customers want to have an idea of who you are. Therefore, you should personalize the profile with important details regarding your interests, life, and hobbies. Also, you need to mention whether you accept special requests or whether there are certain products you can offer.

Ensure you add some relevant photos. However, you need to be careful to ensure the photos you post do not reveal your identity. Take pictures with your sexy lingerie or cute costumes. The good thing about these photos is that they allow you to show off your personality and beauty.



You need to price your dirty panties on the marketplace. Therefore, you should price your used panties according to the market price. You can check what other sellers are offering and then come up with a similar price. Remember that different factors must be taken into account when pricing your dirty panties.

Payment Options

There are different methods you can use to accept payments. For instance, you can use Google Pay and Venmo. Ensure you receive payment before shipping the used panties or digital product to the buyer. 

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