The History Of Buying And Selling Used Panties

People around the world have different fetishes. These fetishes, with time, develop into a hobby and, if done frequently, becomes an addiction. The smelling of used panties is one of known and acknowledged fetishes among men and some women. A used panties possesses a smell of the owner, and it is believed that the smell is an excellent way for sexual arousal and pleasure. The buyers of the used panties smell them, wear them and also masturbate with them for pleasure.

Buying and selling used panties.

The art of selling and buying used panties is believed to have its origin in Japan in the 1990s. The first shop to participate in the business was the first feature in the Japan magazine which helped it to gain popularity among the people. The shops, referred to as the Bursera shops.

Who buys and smells the used panties?

A big percentage of buyers of used panties are men. Most of the men that have participated in the buying say that the smell of the used panties helps them for sexual arousal and pleasure. They imagine the owners who bought them from wearing the used panties and smell the scent for arousal. There is also a percentage of women that buy the used panties for pleasure. They wear and imagine that their sexual organs are in contact with those of the owners of the panties.

Who sells the used panties?

Anyone interested in selling their used panties can participate in the business as long as they are 18 years and above. snifffr provides a platform for the sellers to sell their used panties. A good seller is advised to take quality pictures with good lighting and the right angles to attract those buying towards them. The key to having a successful business for the sellers is to have good relations with their buyers, as some may keep coming back for more.

How to sign up for a snifffr account

Both the buyer and the seller must create an account with us to interact with the products. snifffr offers a free sign up for both the buyers and sellers. We have a premium account that one needs to pay a certain fee to access. The premium accounts are mostly for the sellers. One of the important features of the premium account is a private chat room for the sellers with their buyers.

When you sign up on the sign-up page, you get your username and password. Sellers need to have eye-catching usernames to attract buyers. If one wants to sell, they must fill in all the profile information being creative as much as they can and have an attractive profile feature as buyers first analyse the sellers using the profile information. If the sellers want to remain anonymous, they can hide the face of their profile picture.

Payment methods

We also emphasize payment methods worldwide so as the buyers and sellers can send money anywhere in the world. Sellers use Venmo and Google Wallet as they are worldly accepted payment methods and security.

snifffr allows the buyers and sellers to transact their money directly to each other without having a third party. 

The shipping process

One can sell and buy the used panties from anywhere in the world. The buyer and the seller can discuss the shipping process between them and develop the most convenient shipping plan that favours both of them. The shipping charges vary depending on the location of the buyer. The buyer provides their address to the seller. Then the sellers come up with the shipping arrangement.