Three Reasons to Buy Used Panties

So, you have been hiding your fetish for used panties and just realized that it’s about time you put it behind you. Perhaps, you’ve read or heard about other people (men and women) buying dirty panties, which gets you wondering; why would anyone want to buy used panties when you have a female sexual partner whose underwear is an arm-length away? Sure, you can ask your girlfriend or wife for their panties to sniff them. But how will that play out if things go haywire or she rejects your proposal. Read on to find out why you need to buy worn knickers online and the tips to get you started.

Reasons you should buy them online include:

1. It grants you anonymity

No one wants to be ridiculed for going the extra mile to fulfill their fetish. Now that a sexy female is willing to sell their used undergarment, you get to make a purchase/ No one has to know you order a set of dirty lingerie unless you tell them.

2. It’s increasing popularity

You aren't the first to buy these products and certainly won't be the last. Thousands of buyers throng legit worn panty websites to place orders. Start by going to a site like snifffr. Check out the available products and do a deal with a seller. You will receive the product in no time.

3. Payment is easy on snifffr

Snifffr gives you the option to pay in coins or snifffr escrow. We are the only panty selling site that offer an escrow service so ensure you make the most of it. 

The tips for ordering used panties online

Order placement for used panties online works pretty much the same as any other product you would want to buy from a virtual retailer like Walmart. However, there are things you should consider before placing your order.

  1. Chat with the seller to let them know your preferences

Before ordering online, first, engage the seller. Find out if they're comfortable sharing one or two things about the piece they're wearing. Once they tell you, you'll know if the product is available or out of stock.

  1. Know when to take a “No” for an answer

Not every used panty seller is a porn actor or actress. It's a business venture like any other. Like you'd expect the seller to treat you with respect, the same should also apply in your case. So, if you have a special request, ask them if they're comfortable with it. If they're not, jump to the next seller. After all, it's a free world, and everyone is entitled to their virtues which you should respect.

  1. Treat the seller with respect

While it's considered a kinky business, professionalism carries the day any time. No matter how psyched up you are and want to play "dirty," avoid using words that may seem inappropriate unless the seller permits you to. Even if you're itching to talk "dirty," ask them first if they're comfortable. 

  1. Do remember to order

One habit most buyers are fond of is engaging a seller for more than one or two hours, only to say, “okay, I’ll think about it.” While you may be right as a customer, sometimes, it’s advisable to keep the chatting to a minimum to avoid wasting other buyers’ time who probably want to engage the seller in a conversation. If they don’t have something you like, leave the chatting respectfully.

Whether you're looking to buy used panties online or simply looking to learn more about sellers investing in this business, understanding everything in the industry is crucial. Many women join this business every day. So, the next time you want to order worn panties online, consider these tips and put them to the test. Good luck fulfilling your fetish!