Tips for Buying and Selling Used Underwear Safely

Do you need to buy used underwear and do not know where to start? Well, you no longer have to worry. This phenomenon is grabbing the world by storm, clearly seen by the emergence of new sites and websites that allow you to buy used underwear. Thankfully, it has been made possible and easily accessible to any audience with a wide variety of websites available online. The rules are simple and spelt out. You need to be 18 years or older so you can join any of the websites. The rest differ slightly depending on whether you are a buyer or a seller. This article will go a long way to enlighten you on how you can buy used underwear. Read on.

Buying Used Underwear Online

Purchasing used underwear online is an actual phenomenon, and there is a ready market for this. Many people are searching for second hand or 'vintage' underwear every day. There are as many reasons why people would want to buy used underwear. But the question that arises is how you can safely buy used underwear online. Here are some tips for applying for the best services and ensuring you find precisely what you are looking for.


Unless you want your identity known to the seller, it is always advisable to opt for anonymity. Many of the buyers prefer keeping their identity unknown. In that case, ensure that you go for the websites that assure full discretion. During the private messages, you can be sure that your information is secure for peace of mind. This aspect goes two ways; the seller may not be comfortable sharing their details, ensuring that you respect their privacy.

Know the material

You must know the material of the panty you are looking for. Silk panties, for instance, always look great and feel soft to the touch. The lace and sheer panties have been a popular choice among many. Some buyers go for the transparent and thin panties, given their striking beauty. You are advised to go for the panties that will give you the most enjoyable and satisfying experience. The description of the material will be attached to the photo or video so you can check it out.

Check for authenticity

The sellers always request panties that have been used for a long time. However, prolonged wear comes with a high risk of yeast infection. Moreover, developing bacterial vaginosis, causing an imbalance in the pre-existing bacterial environment, increases a notch higher. Generally, bugs are known to thrive in moist, warm, and dark backgrounds. Therefore, wearing underwear for days on end will eventually take a toll on the sellers' health. That has resulted in the sellers opting for an easier way out.

They mass-produce artificially-scented underwear. For a seasoned buyer, it is easy for them to identify fake from authentic. But the first-time buyers may have a hard time telling the two apart. In many cases, the sellers could sell counterfeit items and care less about user experience. Therefore, you are advised to go for the sites that offer a fake check to be sure you are getting authentic items.

Engage with sellers

Buyers are not only going for used underwear, but also a connection with the sellers. For an enhanced buying experience, you should find a seller with a funny and upbeat personality. You will notice that successful sellers have repeat customers for a good reason. Many a time, they strive to make the buyers feel relaxed and comfortable during the online chat. You can get a sense of their personality from the posted interview pages, review pages, classifieds, discussions, and pictures.

Selling Used Underwear Online

Selling used underwear online is an unconventional way of making money, but it sure helps with the bills. In the past few years, used underwear for sale has become more visible, easily accessible, and widely available for any audience. But where do you start? Here are a few tips that you can use to start selling used underwear safely online.

Use an alias

This is the first and foremost step; look for an alias. It is essential to ensure that your loved ones do not get to know what you are up to, as most people would prefer. The only people who should be interested are you and the buyer. In most cases, the buyers will also be anonymous, so it would be best to keep your identity hidden.


You are advised to get a money transfer specifically for your side businesses through which the buyers can send you money. PayPal is highly discouraged as it may cause some issues in future transactions. You could go for Venmo or Google wallet. The payment and shipment process will be entirely between you and the buyer. Therefore, you need to ensure that whatever method you deem fit will be accessible and convenient for your buyer.

Be authentic

Do not cheat! Many of the customers can tell what is fake and what is authentic. These buyers are dedicated to this, and you should too! Being genuine will also help your sales and maintain some customers, if not add more with the trust that has been created. Going for the easy way out, such as mass-producing artificially-scented underwear for sale, is not always the best idea.

Be aware of specific fantasies.

Many customers know precisely what they want and expect you to deliver. For instance, they may go for specific materials such as lace or silk. Also, these fantasies may be more specific and harder to find. 

Buying used underwear online has now been made easier just for you. You can get that which you need at your convenience. The websites that are available promise high discretion and ensure you get the best of services. Buyers have the advantage of a wide selection to choose from and many more. The marketplace is user-friendly, and you even get to interact with the sellers. Hopefully, this article is all you need so you can buy used underwear online.