Tips for Selling Wet Panties Online

Quick Guide and DIY Tips on How to Sell Wet Panties Online

One of the ways that people have benefitted online is through selling panties. Many people like this business because of the anonymity of it, the internet allows you to do business without meeting your clients. The used panties fetish has grown significantly globally.

When it comes to panties, people do not just look at the quality; they also look at how sexy it looks on them. As a seller, you need to know what the buyers want in panties whether used or new ones. Most men buy used panties to experience the stimulation that comes when they sniff, lick, or wear the panties.

There is a fetishism that comes from just looking and admiring the sexy wet panties and people enjoy themselves by just having a moment with the panties. Many imagine that they are in an actual intimacy with a woman to achieve the heady feeling.

Addiction in women’s scent has been the leading cause for many men buying the worn wet panties. If you intend to start up the business of selling your used wet panties online, you may want to read on and find interesting tips.

DIY Tips on Selling Wet Panties


You need to be qualified when it comes to selling stuff like these online. Building trust should be your priority with your existing clients. Trust builds reputation and people can begin to refer you to other clients who will trust your services.

Choose a Credible Site

For your worn wet panties to sell fast, you need to use credible platforms that you can work with. Try third party sites where people like to visit as this is where you will experience great sales for your wet panties.

Create a Profile

Register with the website of your choice like snifffr, through simple steps of creating your username, adding well captured photos, and a brief description of who you are. Information of what your business is all about is important to enable a greater public audience. Clear photos and videos on your profile can attract a lot of clients who need wet panties.


Every business requires marketing. Therefore, you need to market your panties on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. There are many people who visit these platforms, therefore just packaging your panties well, can earn you lots of clients.

Websites like snifffr help people in selling their used panties since it has a large audience. Everyone knows that when they visit snifffr, they are likely to get any type of used panty that they need. The website has been able to connect many sellers to buyers when it comes to adult used wet panties because it is credible and reliable.

When you invest in snifffr, through proper marketing and spending time engaging clients, you can make more sales than in any of the other sites. Great displays, quick response to clients, and regularly advertising the products are what contributes to your success in this site.

Getting the Deal Sealed

After advertising your panties, engage the interested clients and make a deal with them. The client should be specific on their choice so that you can send the right package to them. The conversations should be private using messages.

You need to have a payment plan where you can receive payments for the panties. After which you can proceed to ship the panties to respective destinations. Payments using Google Wallet is easy, and this way you can receive money for the used wet panties in simple steps. The client only needs to login to their account and search for your username before sending the payment for the panties.

Rules of Engagement

  • Do not be rude to your buyers even when you think they are wrong.
  • Do not con clients.
  • Always solve any dispute that rises between you and your clients to preserve your reputation and their satisfaction.
  • Always be kind, but report timewasters.

Final Thought

Selling wet panties is a great business when you have the right target market and using the right site. Many shy away from this business not knowing how lucrative it can be. Websites such as snifffr offers free registration among other benefits that you can enjoy while selling your panties online.

Freedom and variety of choices makes the sellers at snifffr at an advantage. In case you need to start the business, and you are confused on how to get it started, follow these guides that will help in making a thriving business out of used panties.