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How To Buy Used Womens Panties

To buy used womens panties you have to visit snifffr. Then, you can open an account on the site. There are free and premium account options. You can open any of these accounts.

Next, you can see many attractive seller's profile. You can message them privately. Additionally, you can start a live chat with them.

Once you select your favorite panties, you can pay for it. After the payment, you should give your proper address to the seller. Then, the seller will ship the panties to your address.

How To Sell Used Womens Panties

To sell used womens panties on the site, you have to follow some easy steps. Firstly, you have to create an account to join this site. You can open either a free account or a premium account.

Then, you can use the private message option to draw the buyer's attention. If a buyer responds, you can start an online chat with the buyer.

You can upload videos and images to have more attention from your buyers. You can also give a gorgeous profile picture to grab the attention of the buyers.

When the buyer gets satisfied, he/she will wish to buy your panties. At that time, you should always get your payment first. Then, you can ship the panties to the buyer's address.

Payment and Shipping Process

You can use Google Wallet to send or receive payments. Venmo is another popular way to send and receive payment. The payment platform you choose is entirely up to you.

The website snifffr doesn't take any responsibility for the transaction process.

The seller has to ship the used panties to the buyer's address. The seller should take the proper address from the buyer before shipping the panties.

Benefits Of Premium Account On snifffr

The website offers two types of account - the Free account and the Premium account. If you choose the premium account you can use online chat with the buyer. Apart from this, you can have an unlimited transaction on this account and you just have to pay no extra amount.

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